What is the point of TGs?

isn’t it still the most played map?
hardly any arabia game ends before 15 minutes, this is just BS

houses have had the same price for over 10 years, the only techs that have become free in recent years are tracking (LOS for infantry) and Cannon galleon research. Hand cannon also has been free since the conquerors

people got better at playing the game


Dude your literally complaining about no lag in games. I know nostalgia is powerful stuff but you sure are on a trip.


This doesnt really seems to be true at all. It is more like TG rating is less stretched out. What 2600+ is for 1v1, is like 2000+ for TGs.

TG elo = (1v1 elo - 1000) * 0,75 + 1000 or something like that is probably a better estimate.

I wouldn’t even say thats correct. I just had a game on mega random. On of those insane maps where you can’t wall because your entire base is surrounded by unbuildable terrain. My flank went FC. Naked FC.

At first i thought he was just really bad, and i think we can agree that this strat IS really bad in teamgames. But he was top 500 in 1v1 rankings.

Again, teamgames just have a different flow than 1v1s. Its a different skill. Maybe not as different as DM to 1v1, but still different.

If your 1v1 rank is so much higher than the tg one, then you’re some kind of one trick pony. Your allies are maybe to blame sometimes… but maybe you’re just not taking the best decisions to win the 4v4.

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if I make army, and 2/4 players just pure boom behind walls, how am I not making the best decisions? Just curious, post your insight pls of how I can improve and be a better teammate when I get two 1200 elo 1v1 players naked FC booming on Arabia.

probably trolling, top elo 1v1 players likely don’t take TGs seriously.