What is the strongest age of the militia line beside dark age?

What is the strongest age of the militia line? Militia is the only military unit createable in the dark age, so I exclude this age from the options. But I want to know if there is a consensus about the strength in the other ages. You can vote for 1 or 2 ages.

  • Feudal Age
  • Castle Age
  • Imperial Age
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Imp for sure. M@A fall off as soon as scouts or archers hit the field in sufficient numbers in most cases. Long swords are terrible. THS aren’t amazing outside of a few civs. Champs is when it becomes a somewhat viable unit again.


I think no one ever really play Militia in Castle Age (due to the current meta) but could be one of the strongest age for them. Really cheap unit for the stats

I was torn between Feudal Age and Imperial Age, but I said the former because that’s when I typically see the unit used by pros in tournament games.

Malian longswords are really strong if you time it right and get all upgrades!

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Easier said than done

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There is no doubt: champs beat all other units of the M@A line easily.

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Well, viking’s Longswordsman, with the extra HP and the really strong eco backuping them are really good in castle age.
I think this is one of the great reasons why militia line is not good specially in Castle Age:
Three of four generic barrack’s techs that affect them are in castle age, plus LS upgrade, plus BS upgrades (which rarely are researched in feudal). And in my opinion, LS needs all these techs to being close to viable.
Before that, sending them to battlefield is a waste of resources because LS as a slow melee unit tends to die much easier than the other generic units.
So, as soon as possible you have to spend 1245 F 510G to have full upgraded militia line in castle age. Over that you have to keep vils production and LS production from at least 2 barracks…
So, I have to agree with THeConqueror. Imperial Age is the seocond stronger age for militia line (compared with itself interms of pop and cost efficiency)… but ironically, is where most gold units are even much stronger than champion.


Champion is uncreditable strong in imperial age due to the low gold cost and low value of food. They can trade well against anything other than horse archers and ranged infantry.

I play the Militiamen line a lot. Feudal is the strongest but the most “tense” economically. Why is it stronger Feudal? because the archers have less range, it is easier to catch them AND you have been able to produce since the end of the Dark Ages, at the castle, archer player at + range + walls + mass :slight_smile: