What is this?

Horsemen gets a good buff in 1 ranged armor and then gets recked into oblivion with hp nerf add the spearman buff and its now pointless to do horsemen

Minimap went from to big icons that overlapped each other into requiring a magnifying glass to find stuff
And why remove fish on minimap from hybrid maps if you already made the icons so small?

Ninja fixed scout animation cancel to kill deer making the early game a boring staring contest at deer if you are Rus or playing agaisnt them, either you do 2scouts to insta kill or you cant contest if the other guy got there 1st

Isn’t the point of multiple scouts to get vision and scout the map instead of making sure you can win the staring contest?

Delhi thech’s such as hardened spearman still take to long speacially now that they got the nerf into sanctity removing what made them viable

Where is the springald nerf?


Idk about the springald nerf, but apparently in high elo people were building horseman as knight counters and it worked. Probably a too heavy-handed nerf imo. Looks like it’s a slight buff vs archers and as a raiding unit particularly in feudal but they die so hard to spears now.

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With the buff into speaman getting brace if you A move + 3.5x damage it makes them best choice vs early knights so why nerf horseman hp that much, if it was maybe 10/15hp feudal maybe it would be fine but 30!

The person who nerfed horsemen HP should leave Relic and give his place to someone who cares about the community and the game…


Horseman was kind of taking over a lot of top tier games lately, but honestly combined with spear buff seems a bit over the top.