What is too extreme when it comes to RNG Mongol resource spawn?

I’m getting a lot of stone on one extreme edge and gold on the diametric other extreme edge. I don’t have to place my TC on a wood line in this scenario. I don’t mind placing it in between the empty space. The layout looks a lot like how other civs are situated. But what about all the gold veins on one side of the map and stone on the other side? Just checking with other Mongol players if you’re noticing this and if you think other civs have the same issues or are their RNG spawns a little more accommodating.

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Anytime mongols can place their TC with stone and wood and Gold under TC protection; that is a stupid and unfair spawn of resources that is not consistent with the concept of RTS. This happens a lot on the PIT and Hill and Dale. All civ should have at least q early resources vulnerable. Mongols should be Always force to chose which resources get TC protection.

I don’t mind the idea of a vulnerable resource. All I’m saying is how far is too far? Is it okay for it to be off the screen and you have to pan for it? If the answer is yes then the other civs should have a resource that is off the screen by the same distance.

I’m pretty confident mongols do NOT get a different spawn pattern specific to xhoosing mongols. Easy way to check is to load into multiple maps vs ai with map revealed. Just puck one map at a time and press restart game over and over and over. Even if you have a seed it will generate a bit differently each time. Repeat this step for several different maps and always be sure to compare your mongol map spawn to the AI’s non mongol map spawn.

A bit off topic but stone and gold AT least SHOULD always be vulnerable. And I’m okay if they bring in your second stone and gold mines a bit closer to main TC to allow for easier transitions to compensate fo the vulnerability.

Wetlands is an example of how your second gold and stone are closer to TC(maybe a touch too close).

This is why fixed starting spawn is critical to the game balance. HRE is the biggest victim to this, IMO, more so than Mongols. My game sort of gets ruined if I can’t place Aachen chapel in the influence of both gold and tree. EVEN IF I can get both gold and tree in the influence, there’s also the problem of how deep into the tree line will the influence reach, because, a lot of the times, I can only squeeze the influence into the edge of the tree line, unable to get the buff after the villagers clear off one bit.

On top of that, there’s the issue of whether the resources are in the front or in the back. If the Aachen is in the front, I’d be force to build my farms later on at the front, leaving my food source vulnerable.

We’ll see if Meinwerk buff will make a difference in the upcoming patch, but for the longest time, HRE is and has been the most inconsistent civ in the game. On top of random resource spawns, there’s the issue of relics as well. Sure, there was a relic spawn patch in the past, but it is clearly not enough.