What is WRONG between Microsoft and this game?!?

Wtf is wrong with Microsoft? You have hispanic month, and nothing from AoE3 to celebrate that? Except for the image on the blog post? AoE3 has way more content to celebrate Hispanic month than any of the other games because… guess what Mexico civ, South american natives etc etc, and all we get is some Spanish stream of AoE2 (nothing against that, just why AoE2??)

AoE3 doesn’t have enough players because Microsoft doesn’t do ANYTHING to promote the game.

Redbull? Nope.

Mentioning that AoE4 Ottomans have the AoE3 card system? Nope.

Sure, go ahead and call AoE4 torch attack something “new”, tout how impressive the “Vizier point system” is. Call out AoE4 free weekend days in advance but remember to announce the AoE3 free weekend quietly that Friday so as not to make a huge announcement. Intentionally sabotage AoE3DE so that people move over to AoE4.

Give us fantastic DLCs that make AoE2/4 DLCs look lazy and uninspired. But never do anything to promote AoE3DE for what it is…

There, that’s my rant. Thanks for reading.


In theory the developers had said that on the anniversary of AOE there would be surprises, maybe some Hispanic civilization will be added?


Go off, King.

I’ve become jaded to it all. No matter how much work the devs put into it and no matter how good the state of the game is in it will consistently be overlooked and ignored.

I hate that fact I’m jaded towards this, btw. Makes you wonder what AoE3 did in its past life to deserve this.


pues lo malo que hizo, es que no fue aoe 2.2 eso fue lo que paso, sere sincero si aoe 3 le dieran el minimo de publicidad que le dan al 2, solamente el minimo el juego se haria muy conocido, pero no se, seguiran ordeñando la vaca del 2 hasta que se queden sin ideas y veran si el aoe 4 sale rentable, pero sinceramente he visto más perdida con aoe 4 que ganancia, ya que todos esos torneos que hacen no son presisamente baratos de hacer (a diferencias de los del 3 que en su mayoria son donaciones de la comunidad)

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acho difícil ter 3 civilizações com língua espanhola

WtF chill down, the patch of octuber hasn’t come.

Spanish were on of the first civs to get a rework. Mexico is a civ that had a good design and nobody expected.


Even if Microsoft attaches so much importance to Age of Empires 4 and despise Age of Empires 3’s development team and player group, the daily online number of the former is still only about three times that of the latter.
Considering the all-round high exposure Microsoft provided for Age of Empires 4, this ratio is not high at all, and it has been this ratio even half a year ago.
That is to say, even if people from the FE teams that maintain AOE2 and AOE3 are used to help maintain Age of Empires 4, even if large-scale official competitions are held, and even if free weeks and free civilizations are promoted, the online population of Age of Empires 4 has not substantially increased. However, the update progress of Age of Empires 3 is likely to be delayed because of this.

its called not being popular. we have been and almost always will be the forgotten child

sometimes its better to enjoy the obscure retirement


Hispanic month? What the heck is that? Is there an anglo-month? An American Indian month? A Turkish month? Ugh. At any rate I’m opposed to events in general, especially ones that date the game by referring to flavour of the decade movements and such. Additionally, anything that makes the game feel even a smidge more like a live-service mobile game ought to be resisted with extreme prejudice.

As for the lack of popularity, that is an issue that came to be due to a combination of the original AOE3’s lack of popularity and the botched release of DE. The next best hope for a true AOE3 revival fitting of its genius is the next remake in 2033 or so. I hope to see you all there.


I don’t like these celebration months either but would it have killed them to show off the Mexican civ in the stream? would it kill them to promote the game just a little bit more? Why are they so afraid to show the game off?

And I’m quite dubious we’re gonna see another AoE3 in the future. Microsoft/World’s Edge knows what formula works and what doesn’t. I’m afraid catering these games to the esports scene is too much of a draw and that stifles innovation.

A remake? again, I’m dubious.

Not gonna just give up on AoE3DE just because I suspect it’ll get another makeover in ten years. Nope. This is it. 10 years is a long time and people’s lives change.


i agree we likely won’t see another remake, not anytime soon anyway, and its also important to pay attention to what direction they’re taking lately, yk, ESPORTS, as if it didn’t wreck RTS hard enough already last decade


Probably they don’t talk About aoe 3 and act like things like torch throwing and cards are some new advancements because they want people to play aoe 4 and aoe 3 has more features and looks way better graphics wise then aoe 4. So they basically try to brush over it and get people to look at 4 because 3 makes 4 look like trash if I’m honest


although its not fun to watch in fairness, it has a positive note, it means higher likelyhood of avoiding all the negative things modern gaming brought

I’m only saying its not popular because they do NOTHING to make it popular.

Even when there is an ACTUAL chance to do something. Like this Hispanic month thingy.


I think it happens everytime that the game becomes slightly more popular for a bit and then when the event or tourney ends it goes back to a state of mild activity

Personally I want to go the the mild state for a bit

though then people might go a bit nuts after a while

Dude, it’s just never been that popular and probably never will be. Great game, but it just has some things that most people don’t like. It’s never going to be as popular as 2 and 4. That’s fine though, it still gets supported which is pretty cool.

And no they have never suggested once that torches or the Ottoman “shipments” were something new and unique in AoE4. AoE4 clearly draws from all AoE games.


Hey. Again, there is one difference between what you’re saying and what I’m saying: Microsoft ignores opportunities to show the game off.

Showing AoE3 off was the perfect thing to do for this Hispanic heritage thing. They event put an image of the Mexico home city on the blog post.

See, I am not asking them to do something just to promote AoE3 (I am not a big fan of forced marketing). I’m asking them to promote it when appropriate. It seems the people at marketing and publicity don’t even realize this game exists.


I mean, nobody in South America knows wtf is a Hispanic Heritage month… probably nobody in Latin America even. It’s just a weird United States thing.

And the United States, as large as it is, is an awful market for RTS games, the people who play RTS games are either in South America, Eastern Europe or East Asia, you don’t gain much by promoting the game in North America, especially to a specific demographic.

So it’s kinda understandable imo.


My comment was addressing directly things you said. Like this:

No its just not popular because most people don’t like it very much. Hispanic heritage month (who even knows when that is?) or whatever is not going to change that. Even letting people play for free that week didn’t change it in the long run.

It’s ok to enjoy a less popular game.

You also said:

Which is just made up, since they never did that.

You clearly have a bit of an axe to grind and/or an inferiority complex for this game. No need for that, it’s a great game even though it will never be that popular.


It’s not just me, its a lot of people. Of course MS is just here to make money, so they don’t care.

you claim “most people don’t like it”, but I’m just saying its because they dont show it off to new players trying to find an RTS to play.

And yes, before AoE4 was released, there was an interview where someone from World’s Edge said “In AoE4, units dont poke their swords into buildings anymore. They use torches!” As if the only other game in the franchise is AoE2!

I dont remember who said it, but perhaps it was Isgreen. Ive always not liked how they put things from all games into AoE4 but only mention old mechanics when it is from AoE2. Like the AoE3 game isnt a part of the franchise almost.