What is your biggest mistake in a game?

So i just played my first team game and i made a bad mistake. So i was just wondering what is your biggest mistake?

Let i start with my own mistake of last game:

Map Arena and i wanna delete some walls in the back area, so i can more easily chop wood. In stead of deleting the walls, i deleted my TC in dark age.

Let have a positive view of what happened: Luckily we won the game, so i can proudly announce i am one out of 5,8% of all steam players who has the achievement Homeless :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Well, technically Persian Douche is a strat.

You have an option to turn on a warning message when you delete your TC/Castle/Krepost

My greatest mistakes? Misclicking all vills into one resource.

11, I will second that. My delete hotkey is next to create villager so I’ve deleted some unwanted stuff in the past, such as towncenters :grin:

This is easily achievable against ai. :cowboy_hat_face: But you saved the effort so gg wp. :sunglasses:

Edit: I never make mistakes, only happy little accidents:


Mine was screwing my build orders and do an archer build… as a pocket in a team game… The opposing pocket had all their time to castle drop me 11. Another one that won me the game because it came from my opponent: they had the lead to Imp, I had to market abuse to catch up, and they took advantage of their lead to mass … capped rams… And I was Mongols…

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Good luck with that strat on Arena 11

Didn’t say on every map.
And not also in every game

My biggest mistake is thinking i could get better at this game … 600 games in to my DE career and im just as bad ive always been

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Did you try build orders?

At least you are not getting any worse :smile:

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My biggest mistake is to stuck villagers into the buildings when I build multiple houses or walls for example and then can’t exit so I need delete the building. :smiley:

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I know. I can tell you this setting is on… I cant remember a pop up. After the delete, the walls where still selected, but not deleted. So i really dont know what happened.