What is your least favorite civilization in AoEIII?

I’m curious to see the community’s answers on this topic and if anyone agrees with my personal pick. This doesn’t have to be most Overpowered or Underpowered, just the one that you don’t like playing at all.

For me, it’s The Indians. I just don’t get them.

  • The “villagers cost wood” gimmick always throws me off in the early game.
  • Their roster of units is kinda counterintuitive and very focused on the population heavy elephants.
  • Are 4 different elephant units really necessary?(5 if you count the Brahmin, 6 if you count the Sufi War Elephant which is available via Shipment)
  • The sacred cows mechanic is just a worst version of the Japanese shrine.
  • They have my least favorite wonders, monks and consulate allies of the 3 Asian Dynasties Civs.

The Haudenosaunee are my second least favorite, followed by The Aztecs in third. Hauds are a little bit bland when compared to the other Native American civs and the Aztecs fell limited since they don’t cavalry or artillery, but hopefully the upcoming patch will make them more interesting.


Might be a boring answer but I like them all and play them equally.


Ironically Portugal.
They could be better designed.


I agree with india, don’t like it at all.

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Portugal certainly shouldn’t have had the best dragoons in the game when the nation in real life practically didn’t use cavalry.


i think the haudenaushaune are way too complicated of a faction to play as, kinda goes for all the natives but they take it to the next level.

playing treaty with them is at best challenging.

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Neither Organ Guns :grinning:

(first off OOF my favourite civs are haudenosaunee, india and aztec)

for me its france and germany. both have gimmicky villagers, they both feel very one dimensional with limited builds and options, and with germany especially, I’m always getting housed. Shipments always feel too slow, their early age 2 is micro heavy, i despise crossbowmen in every regard and like neither uhlans nor war wagons. They also both feel very vanilla with nothing about them being memorable or particularly fun


uhlans are a pretty bad cav unit that is for sure, 4 upgrades and they are still bad by the end.

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any native american, i miss siege units

I cannot get the hang of India. I get clobbered when I try to play them.


Awe. India is one of my favourite civs to play - I’d play them more if they were viable in the late game, but their lack of an ability to make up for their slow train times makes them useless in treaty games and largely non-viable in FFA games, which are the two game modes I solely play.

I don’t like the Lakota the most, but that’s because I am Lakota and can see all the issues with them, and I hate how useless their economy is.

Other than, I hate Japan. They have passive auras on passive auras on random buffs on random buffs. Too much stuff going on - whoever made it was a weeb who wanted to overload Japan with as much stuff as possible.


India. They are boring and don’t feelike legit India. Japan sucks too because of what Ana said. Weeb designers.

haudenaushaune. I love their units and overall apperance, but im always short on ressources. I can play every other civ cassually/‘just for fun’, but with hauds its always a fight and im stressed even against worse players. Forest prowlers and light cannons are easily in my top 5 favorite units, but getting them is such a pain.
(Also assigning villagers from your already miserable eco to the CP feels bad)

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I’m glad I’m not alone here.

Now this is awkward… :sweat_smile:

I like France, even though I do admit that they can be rather OP. But I agree with you on Germany, the free Uhlans bonus can be a pain in the ■■■ to manage and their unique units are pretty bad when compared to other european civs. Of the european civs, I think Germany is the one that needs an overhaul the most.

It’s funny that your likes and dislikes are basically the completely opposite of mine. Gameplay wise I quite like the Lakota, but I understand that their representation still needs a lot of polishing. And I love Japan, it’s OP, yes, but it’s pretty fun to play and well designed. The issue is that clearly the same amount of care was not given to most other civs.

I feel that the Hauds just need a little push on their economy. Maybe allowing their healers to use the CP to free more villagers for other tasks or maybe replacing that awkward mining system with something more practical and interesting.

Omg, yes. I knew i forgot smth… the mining system is so annoying

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im surprised to see the dislike for india. I’ll agree when I first tried learning india they felt underwhelming and overwhelming simultaneously but once you have the basic 6 min open down by heart (7 vills to wood, trickle, age, market, trickle, 300 export) and rehearsed India is a powerhouse.


OMG, the hate to india😢 its one of my favourite civs with Aztecs (I play treaty the most).
Maybe I like them cause few people use them. I cant play Japan, USA or Sweden, there are always players with this civs in the match.
If I have to choose one, maybe Inca. They take too much from aztecs, I see their units weaker than aztecs and I dont like that their units cost wood.

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I think the same…there are no bad civs,since each one is played in a certain way…


I hate playing against Japanese.

I hate playing as Portuguese in legacy. Boring boom civ.

I hate playing as Native Americans in DE due to lack of nature friendship, bad voice acting and lack of firepit for Haudenosaunee.