What is your reason for playing Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition?

What is your reason for playing Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition?

Mercenaries, outlaws, native warriors, map types, cannon sounds, unit upgrades, and units that deal area damage.

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I enjoy deck building, the trading routes, the “clean” counter system, and the fact that counter units still counter better upgraded countered units.


To sit in base all game, make 3 tc’s then send russian tongue card destroy opponents factories and wipe away his tears.

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To conquer the Araucania and Patagonia with the Spanish

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you monster Frisbee
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Its clear counter system thanks to the UI and unique units and bonus through cards.

Also the fact of to be able to train imperial units on lategame instead of trash units


as a almost 17 year veteran, its clear counter system, graphically its an anomaly among RTS (because it hits well above what typical RTS tends to), time period answers me exactly evenly with medival (played aoe2 for close to 17 years too), deck building and strategizing ahead of the match is fun in its own right, ships were always a massive draw to me alongside cannons, on UI front its still superior to most of its competitors, even pre DE, DE just added to that and its very modding friendly (i could add AOM and AOE online for UI bit as well, both of those share a lot with aoe3 here, ensemble just straight up knew how to do it properly)


Because of how differently each civ plays. And the innumerable strategies you can create through card combinations.

Because the maps are so gorgeous they feel like real places.

Because the treasure system makes the first age much more interesting than any other Age game.

Because of ragdoll physics that makes cannons come alive.

Because of the hilarious voicelines of the AI. Excellent voice acting (mostly)!

And because the civ design lately has been so nice (Hausa, Ethiopia, Mexico, Malta). I love that each civ requires you to learn the game differently.

And I hope we get more single player content soon.


Well I like it more than AOEII and AOEII2.

I went to a Zoo recently and kept thinking “that looks just like AoE3…”


Agree. Don’t understand why AOE2 don’t have late game coin eco. Makes no sense how a imperial age empire still need to heavily rely on natural resources for building an army in aoe2.

Because it is the successor of the beloved Aoe3 base.
I thought that with the new game we could finally unite nilla+tad+ep player with a quick search and a new competitive scene starting from 0 with big tournaments many more competitive players and the return of old legends. A good balance that was gradually improving, this seemed to happen but then none of this was real with the passage of time.
If before I was constantly playing only aoe3 now I don’t, I can play aoe3de constantly because I don’t like it as much as the previous one in terms of balance and meta playability and it gives a sense of nostalgia and frustration so I go back to playing and stop playing it very soon.
Now in the meantime I’m waiting for future tournaments to be able to participate.

I wanted a "conquering the americas " rts

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It is to avoid endless games. Not just coin, wood is also limited. Farms requires wood to reseed

Deck Cards System. Varied Gameplay. Amazing Graphics!


One of the reasons I love AOE3de is the beautiful map graphics and designs. I’m interested to see the community’s thoughts…

Which continent has the best maps??

  • American Maps
  • Asian Maps
  • African Maps
  • European Maps

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Do you think we will get …?

  • Oceania Maps
  • Middle-Eastern Maps
  • Both
  • Neither

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What’s maps do you think are missing?

It’s the best game I’ve ever played!


People will think that South America is already covered, but actually there are many maps to cover, and not only with RMS, but also with new styles of biomes. For example:

Atacama Desert.
Galapagos Islands
High Andean Páramos

(I don’t know if they were called the same at the time the game was set)

The replayability. A lot of diversity of strategies and a lot of asymmetry. Diversity within the game and its beauty in every way, but especially in its landscapes.


the most beautiful graphics from the AOE series


Yeah I like the idea of having this as a playable map. Have the map laid out with there being a thin strip of water to the left of the map, a thin strip of mountain range on the right, and sand dunes in the middle. All the native villages being located in the mountains.

Maybe to make the map more interesting, have there be no trees, and instead have spawn points around the map that deliver crates of wood (maybe once every three mins). So, to get more access to wood you have to expand your map control.

To balance this maybe you’ll start the game with an already built market and two salt mines (10000 coin each) within close proximity to your starting TC.