What kind of DLC you wish for 2022?

  • North Europe: Swedish, Danes and Normans
  • Core and Eastmiddle Europe: Austria or Habsburg, Swiss and Teutonic Order
  • Southeast Europe: Wallachians, Sclaveni (Serbs, Croats) or seperate
  • Africa: Bantu
  • India: Hindu, Bengal and Tamil
  • Eastasia: Tibetans
  • North America: Mississippians
  • Mesoamerica: Chimu

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Poll is kinda biased.

3 options for Europe and only one for Asia and only one for Africa?


Yes, because Europe was the dominant world power in the middle ages, that is why. I can add several civs more, but still have to think which of them, therefore please be patient.


You shouldn’t post a poll until you have all the options up


The most requested civilizations, I have listed, then the selection is okay. Feel free to choose your favorite ethnic group…


I don’t personally see a need for more civs in aoe 2 but if I was going to add more maybe the Swiss and Norman’s


There are two options available for Asia and I don’t think more than one African DLC will be needed.

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India is separate from Asia due to all diverse it is.

Actually no, I haven’t heard anyone ask for Habsburg or Teutonic Order(last one since we already have them)
Or the Normans since we already have them (Sicilians) and very few ask for Swedes or Danes.
Austria is covered and Swiss were not that important back then.

Serbs and Croats are only asked for by Eurocentrics

Of course YOU don’t, you still think we need more Eastern Europeans


Your poll is far too biased in favor of Europe


The same can be said for the Balkans as well as Scandinavia in comparison to Western Europe.

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Swedes and Danes = Vikings
Normans = Sicilians
Austrians, Swiss and Teutonic Order = Teutons
Serbs and Wallachians could be in the game, but I think they’re low priority
I don’t know if a Bantu civ could be put in the game, mainly because of no campaign material. Kanembu, Somalians and Benin are more likely
I think current Indians should be changed to “Delhi”, and add like 2 or 3 more Indian civs, like Tamils, Bengalis and Rajputs. Also give them elephants
East Asia can have Tibetans and Jurchen, but you know, the Chinese gov might not like that. People always talk about censorship when discussing a Tibet civ, but idk if they will allow it or not
I don’t see many American civs making it into the game. Probably the Araucanians with a tech that unlocks stables

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So the 10th useless “What kind of DLC you wish for” thread this year.

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Don’t forget that the Swedish have a different architecture than the Norwegians. Even the warriors were different from the high Middle Ages at the latest.

The developer should give the Vikings her own architecture. Like the following architecture mod proposal by Juggernaut8704. The buildings of the Vikings are bottom right. For the Sklavenoi (Serbs and Croats) the buildings top right would be appropriate.

Yes of course. Just because of the european campaigns in which these 2 peoples appear regularly, they should come as additional peoples. The Slavic campaign are based entirely on the Wallachian campaign and should therefore be renamed. The Slavs themselves should receive a new campaign based on the Kievan Rus.

The Bantu would be a good african choice, as they are real subsaharan and not, like the previous african civs, north african like the Ethiopians and Malians.

Yes, thank you for your confirmation. A whole continent like India has just 1 civilization as before is not enough. a tripartite division would be good.

There is also an architecture mod by Juggernaut8704 that divides the Indian civilization into 3 civilizations, which makes more sense in a historically view. Look at follow:

That is why you comment, because the thread is so useless. Thank you, that is why he is very valuable :star_struck:

That is not true. Europe gained its power near the end of the Middle Ages, but especially during the colonial era. During the majority of the Middle Ages, India and China were at least as advanced as Europe, and they were always more populated as well.


Mostly already, if you look the world as a whole. I did not exclude China and India, they were also leaders.

Yes, that is why it would be good, that the continent of India would become 2 or 3 more civilizations…

Which campaign has serbia?

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I mean, as an teamplayer or opponent of European campaigns they appear and called as Slavs.

Yes, that is why i separated India from East asia. You can now vote for new Indian civilizations.

That is true. But as with the Poles, it has a lot of fans and they also want to have a seperate southwest slavic selection :grin:

The imminent next one should focus on India and the one after that on Africa in my opinion.

Regardless of possible civ limits (engine & design), here’s my priority list

High priority (up to 50 civs)

  • Tamil
  • Bengal
  • Gurjara
  • Swahili
  • Kanembu
  • Kongolese (Central African architecture with Zimbabweans)
  • Zimbabweans
  • Mississippians
  • Haudenosaunee
  • Tongans

4 South Asian, 4 Sahel African, 2 Central African, 2 North American, 2 Polynesian civs
Middle priority (up to 63 civs)

  • Chimu (new South American set)
  • Tarascans
  • Muisca
  • Hitsatsonim/Pueblo/Anasazi
  • Hausa
  • Yoruba
    Somalians (share with Swahili and Ethiopians a new Eastern African architecture set
  • Georgians (only if they’d get a new Caucasian arch set which they share with Armenians and Byzantines)
  • Armenians
  • Tufans (Himalaya set)
  • Nepalese (Himalaya set)
  • Afghans
  • Siamese

4 South Asian, 4 Sahel African, 3 Central American, 3 South American, 2 Central African, 3 East African, 3 Central Asian, 3 Caucasian, 2 Himalayan, 2 North American, 2 Polynesian civs

Those are the ones I would love to see.