What kind of theme would you like to have in a hypothetical new civs expansion?

I’m aware that it’s unlikely they’re going to add civs, but if they do I’d love to see a Native American or Central African focus.


I’m operating under the assumption we only get one hypothetical expansion because that is the worst case scenario where we actually get an expansion.

Id like no overarching theme and just fill in areas that need touching up. As such id go for one native civ, one india civ, and 2 African civs


If 4 civs only:

Tamils - Chola dynasty
Muisca - Muisca Confederacy
Zimbabweans - Kingdom of Zimbambwe
Kanembu - Kanem-Bornu Empire

Native American:

Muisca - Muisca Confederacy
Iroquois - Iroquois Confederacy


Kongolese - Kingdom of Kongo
Swahili - Kilwa, Zanzibar etc…
Uganda - Bachwezi Empire
Zimbabweans - Kingdom of Zimbabwe

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this is just what i would do. i think it makes sense logically. likely we won’t see even a single expansion. so if we do see 1, i’d operate under a cover as much ground as possible and nail as many under appreciated areas as possible.

The forgotten part II: Siamese, Nubians, Georgians, Bantu

I prefer the idea of a non thematic dlc. A forgotten part 2, like the comment avobe says.
If 4 civs: Tibetans, Bantu, south indian and georgian. Or maybe jurchen and some north american.

They could add the Tamils and new African civs as part of an expansion themed around the Spice Trade, i.e., The Spice Nations, or whatever name is most attractive.


The Forgotten 2 (ez):

Chola, Bantu, Georgians, Tibetians and Jurchens

They’re never going to add the Tibetans due to the game’s huge popularity in mainland China. At best, the civilization can be represented either by the Burmese or Chinese, as both have strong links to Tibet. The Burmese having great Monks suits the Tibetans, anyway.

I do not think we shall see a full expansion with 4 or 5 new civs. If we do Forgotten vol.2 is the way to go. I am missing a couple of African civs, caucasians( Georgian, Armenians). And perhaps an American civ but the native nations dont feel medieval to me.

What I do think we can see though is single/double civ DLC packs centerad around a scenario. So for example you get another 1 or 2 African civs and a scenario to go along with them tying them with other excisting civs, too.

If there are more civis they should not clash with the current factions in the scenarios or else they have to rework them again eg. Adding burgundians would have to rework joan scenarios.

I hope we will get no new civs. Remembering everything from all civs is already challenging.

The same thing was said even when the Conquerors was released and we re now with 35 civs, there’s the option to see the tech tree and that mor for a reason.


How many architecture sets do we have? 11? Then I want to see 11x4=44 or 11x5=55 civs in the game atleast.


Give the Indian buildings some neighbors and give the persians the tatar set.

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20 new civs in the game is madness

Not for AoE 2 since each civ differ only on UU and new techs. If that’s for AoE 3 yes that would be madness. I do understand your firm hatred on adding new civs but nothing really bad on adding a few more civs to AoE 2 DE.


civ bonuses though, we’re already starting to see some overlap, and seeing as its practically required to have an early game eco bonus to be competitive…

I’ve seen really interesting and unique ones in the Civ LLC mod and Realms mod which are still unused like smaller farms, earlier eco techs among others.

That is your opinion. I dont share that opinion.