What means this message?

i was playing my AOE2 as every day, but suddenly appears this message now:

age of empires act
(this play needs an update)

why says “completed”? Do i have to pay for india pack for continue playing?! i had not completed AOE2 yet

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No you don’t need to buy dlcs to continue playing, don’t worry.

Geez! I have the same issue, try to play how administrator, at least that helped me in my case and I was able to play again

I got the same message, then I try playing as an administrator but I got the following:

I already installed again the game and turned off/on the PC

Any advice on what can I do?


Same problem man, the message says “an update is needed”

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thanks for helping. starting as a administrator i can continue playing. its the only way

the same problem, i dont understand why. Please How I play as admin?

Start—>select age of empire —> run as a admin