What menu audio has modding support?

It’s a bit confusing how the menu music and ambience works, does anybody know?

I know there is mod support for:


Is there any more?

Many thanks!

@StepS7578 could you help me out?

See this spreadsheet. If you are looking for menu music, in the “Music” sheet at the bottom you will see the names of different menu tracks. If you are looking for UI sounds, the “UI Sounds” sheet will help.
See the audio guide for more information.

Hey StepS, this sheet doesn’t contain “FrontEnd_Ambience”, which certainly works and is moddable. Are there any other hidden ones not on the spreadsheet?

It does though, check other tabs at the bottom of the screen. “In-game play events” has the “Play_frontend_ambience” that you’re looking for. (“Play_” does not have to be part of the filename)