What Microsoft is going to announce at Gamescom conference?

Adam Isgreen said during PCgaming show there will be news about AOE franchise.

Let’s talk about it.

He described it as “stuff we want to hear”? It’s Castle Siege II then, yay!

But seriously, I hope it’ll be AoE4 announcement of course.

If it’s not just talking about AOE DE (it probably isn’t) then almost 100% new game. Probably a new one in the series (either AOE or AOM) instead of a spinoff (Castle Siege). My money’s on AOE 4! :slight_smile:

Before that he was talking about how this 20th anniversary was just the beginning of aoe. So it’s either a new game or it’s some sort of support announcement for existing titles, like xpacks or multiplayer tournament’s or stuff like that