What new scenario triggers would you like to see?

I would like “Add Feitoria Affect To Object” with resource speed can be changed.

“Turn object into monument”. (unbreakable and can be captured by anyone. Even if your own object.)

Turn Unit into building. Say for example, I want the King unit to be able to make units himself. I think the King has to be building to do this.

“Make Trees in area unbreakable.” Useful for stop guys messing with onagers, breaking the map’s nice look.


Unnecessary, u can destroy them but cant walk further if u place a cliff and rotate it until it becomes invisible

Nice one, i like it

Just change it hp so that is negative

This one is a wierd one but it would be nice for some magical, fictional lords of the rings or somehting like that scenario, nice one anyway

I would line to combine “Turn object into monument" with "Add Feitoria Affect To Object” together. For some scenario I make. Currently I have to make a mod to make the map work the way intend it to.

The trigger that removes glowing effect from Hero units. I would like to make scenario where for example I use model of Gilbert de Clare as common knight to recruit in Stable.

Set object to trigger King of the hill.

So I can make a scneario, place a gaia monument somewhere and Mark it with the trigger to behave like a king of the hill oen with the winn timer and resource trickle.

I have made a custom complex trigger system to emalitae it as goods as possible. But its prone to desyn.