What niche does landwehr fullfill?

I love the new patch and especially the german HRE flavor :slight_smile:
but i dont really understand the idea behind landwehr ^^’

its has more base damage and can be upgraded to imperial, but has fewer/lower multiplicators than crossbows. is there any reason someone would go for landwehr instead of regular skirmishers? or do they have a different purpose?

Perhaps a cheaper skirm that’s better vs most units and not specifically heavy infantry, sort of like state militia and sharpshooters.


its a psuedo musket for germany its only 3 atk then a base musket and more range as well.

so germany doesn’t have to rely on hand infantry of the war wagons for some soft counters

The card that replaces war wagons is quite good, the dragoons are really strong and not that much more cost than a regular dragoon. I like war wagons but they overkill a lot and are quite pop inefficient, a fast moving and strong dragoon instead could be useful in many match ups.

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Tiene más daño base que una ballesta y lo más importante UN MEJOR HIT AND RUN ya que las ballestas debido a su animación, hacen un H.A.R muy lento

I generally like all the new german changes. Basically you send cards and they become more aligned with certain german states but you don’t lose anything you can still play the old ways.

Princely electors: gives you a Royal House of your choosing with higher limits but you have to pay for pop.

the new dragoon unit that’s great too but I’d use it like the British Rangers card…Send it when it’s obviously going to make a difference,

And as for landwehr You get something between like a state militia and a Musketeer.

Also if you’re going the classic aoe3 germans route for mercenaries you can have up to 4 mercenary camps instead of one measly tavern.


But it has no kav multipliers (if i remember correctly) and has really low HP, 20% rangeresist, plus it has light infantery tag… so idk why u think its a musketeer-type?

Yeah agree. Their melee mode is also fantastic :kissing_heart::ok_hand:

its not a full musket but like others have said its between a musket and a state militia

so to do some math at base a skirm deals 11.25 dmg to hand cav before armour

This unit deals 15 dmg so having them in a formation increases your range dmg to cav by a lot

It doesn’t have melee multi but germany don’t use range infantry in that way so now their formation is more rounded without giving them muskets, which would probably be broken