What (not) to include?

Maybe it is useful to have a general overview with things that should definitely be included (like an updated UI like they said at E3, or a higher pop limit), but am a bit worried some of the changes might change how people feel about the new version completely.
Something that I will alwas think of when talking about AOE1 is the absence of the queue limit, or that you can only build one type of unit in each building inthe RoR expansion. How I feel about it is that this limitation should still be in the game. What they could do to make micro-management more feasible is a button for idle buildins (like we will most likely also see for idle villagers). The game shouldn’t be a complete merger between AOE1 and AOE2, but make something different and something special. And who knows, it might make the games even better!

Unit queuing will work like in AoE2 in the you will be able to queue different units at the same time.