What on earth is going on with AOE3 on two PC's?

I have a PC, AOE3 installed and setup just like I like.

I have a sort of ‘back up’ PC that I set up and am testing installing a fresh AOE3 and figuring out what it takes to get it like I like.

Here’s the weird thing. I started the game on the ‘back up’ PC and got into a skirmish.

Then I started my ‘real’ PC and when I ran AOE3 it put me in the game on the other computer. Do not want. I want to run one version on one PC and on the other PC a separate version. So I can look at one, look at the other and fuss with them till they look the same.

Is this even possible? Will this game always search the network, find my game, and not start a new game for me?

I’m beginning to think getting a new install the way I want will be a PITA.

You are trying to divide one single account into two PCs?
Not gonna happen.


I’m doing screenshots of all the setup pages. Will print them out and use them to setup 2nd PC.

It’s been an interesting learning experience. The ‘copy your keyboard file to the new PC’ didn’t work either.

At least I know screenshots will work.

Just put the steam account in offline mode ?xD
Then you can launch the game on both PCs.