What’s A Special Event

Special event mean more new historical battles, new heroic units, more units and new revolutionary countries. Will there be new challenges

Is a question or a statement? because probably a special event doesn’t anything that you said.

That’s paid DLC terrain.

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Yes, it should be a special event’s questions

Special events are mostly the things that already popped up,
Like the haudensaunee rework, brought the special event to unlock the explorer skins and a few icons for the profile.

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use then the ? mark then.

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The special event must be that all civilizations Rework the icons of new cards, New Explorer skins, and old cards. The old cards may be deleted

again are you asking whether these things will happen or is that what you want???

I don’t know It whether these things will happen

Wait and see. What’s the point of this thread? It’s a surprise event, most likely connected with the anniversary of the franchise.
Most likely there will be new special icons, maybe some mod or two, maybe a map. Possibly something more unique due to the nature of the mentioned event.

If you have to know for sure- try your luck and tweet to the company CEO. Either Relic’s or a guy @ Microsoft.

Next time you post please use question marks and not speak like a statement…
Or just write Chinese. The translator on this forum is pretty good.


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