What’s with the generic UI?

It’s so ugly and generic. Is it a placeholder?


You’re real late to the party mate, this has been the feedback since beta. There’s no way they will change it now, best bet is to wait for mods and for the community to pick up Relic’s slack


What a shame. I haven’t been following the game’s development. I just got the game and I’m enjoying it a lot but the UI is so out of place, it’s distracting. I wish they’d listened to their community and changed it. Oh well, here’s hoping we do get mods for that.

My opinion is UI is great nice and clean.

Really? There’s nothing great about it IMO xD

The main menu UI is fine. The in-game ui works, but the buttons lacks the uniqueness with shape and color that previous age games had.

The main menu looks great. I was talking about the in-game UI yeah :slight_smile: