What should AoE4 inherit from AoE3 and AoM?

What should AoE4 inherit from AoE3 (and AoM)?

There are lot of people denouncing AoE3 as if it was a blasphemy against the glorious AoE franchise. But the AoE3(and AoM) was a game that tried to introduce many new things which didn’t exist in the previous series. I want the devs to be aware of that.

The trading posts and more animals to hunt gave players a reason to take a map control. In AoE2 herds were scarce and players had to swiftly shift to farms even in early ages. I think abandoned settlements to build TC on in Age of Mythology had the same concept, making turtling more risky.

Card systems allowed players to build a variety of strategies, making a game more complex and sometimes unique.

Units being slowed down by melee attack. That was genius in my opinion. That made players do more micros.

Everybody, let’s make devs aware of good sides of AoE3 and AoM! AoE2 is a legend but I don’t want AoE4 to lack good aspects of AoE3 and AoM. In order to make AoE4 the best game in RTS history, it has to learn not only from AoE2 but from every good aspects of every AoE and AoM!

What else do you think of on good things about AoE, AoE3 and AoM?


I hope it takes most ideas from AoM

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Many thanks for the comment! Give a few examples and make yourself heard !
I think the special attacks that are performed in a specific condition in AoM was a interesting feature.

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I just love the vast variety of techs, buildings and units.
If each civ was as unique in AoE4 it would be perfect, and it would allow for much more room for DLC add-ons.

If AoE1 was done in AoM style it would’ve been better than AoE2.


Trade posts, ability to hire mercenaries, treasures (or the AoM route of relics giving bonuses so they can be denied).

I also liked the cards system but I suppose that probably wouldn’t fit as it stands or at least re-worked. Same with the ‘politicians age up’ mechanic.



  • Unique relics with unique bonuses.
  • Unique units and techs for each Age up choice.


  • An immortal hero unit for every civ.
  • Mercenaries.
  • Training units in blocks of up to 5.
  • Larger, more realistically sized ships that can double as fishing and transport.
  • Castles being able to train all basic units.
  • The way enabling techs, buildings, and units works so that you can mix and match custom tech trees in map making.


  • Infinite but slow resources like Mills in AoE3 or Fish in AoM. Whichever makes most sense.

displaying unit bonuses and rate of fire


Age up bonus choices
Batch training of units
Unit bonus descriptions

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