What should be adressed to improve in a possible AOM:DE

Sup guys… one of my first posts here, and i would like to share some thoughts about some issues i think make AOM less played than it should be, and i think somehow make the experience lack a bit. And, if i could of course, would like to change in a possible new entry of this series (AOM 2 or AOM:DE)


  • This is first, because i think hurt AOM the most. Age of Empires is a series, most notably, for some (at least possible) massive battles, and AOM, most noticeably in late game, if the match is balanced, you won´t have much space for military, since it´s common and recomended, to always make max villagers. To matters worse, all military units cost, at least, 2 population making battles EXTREMELY LIMITATED. Think about it, if you lost an important TC, and must retreat, it´s basically gg. Even with resources, you´ll have to fight with, about 15 military (late game). and the enemy, eventually will snowball by pure numbers.
    I would reduce population of all units by one. Some units like Jarls, really would be OP to have a AGE2 Treatment (1 pop), but infantry like ulfsark, or even the egy spearman costing 2, and fighting… like that… no, please. And allow the possility of max pop (200 for example), be reached, even without additional settlements.


  • Don´t get me wrong here, having to fight for settlements, is indeed cool, and make some risky moves worth here, but, i´m not sure, having an OP advantage here is balanced. More population, that eventually WILL snowball, and the only way to make more villagers. I would argue for a change in the way they work. Having some advantage like 10-15% more hp or attack for all units, for example. And having at least a possiblity to make villagers in another building, even with similar tc cost (with no attack for ex). Again, linking with previous topic, Would not impact population, in a long game.


  • AOM it´s a game extremelly reliant on gold. The closest we have to a trash unit here is some mythic units, and favour, it´s not soo fast to get. Even norse need Hersir fighting (that cost gold), to get favour fast. I think gold it´s a little… overused in AOM. Ok, we have the markets that train caravan, but the caravan again cost population, that is so important in late game. I personaly think AGE 3 nail perfectly this issue, having the “plantation” that is like a farm that collects gold in a more slow pace than mines, but with infinite suply, and with some safety, even at the expense of lots of wood to build.
    I think having a similar building in AOM is needed, since ALL human units cost gold. I would prefer this, but…
    if the caravans would to be chosen, i would remove the population (not the food cost), and let a max of 30 or 40 to be made. Always priorizing population for military and fighting.

4 - THE ATROCITY OF WALLS COST (and placement)

  • Walls, costing GOLD… in an intensive gold cost game… wtf? Walls are not even that strong… but again, costing what it´s absolutely important for military units, it´s a little… too much.
    I think costing wood, could be a little more fitting with the game with revised costs.
    We should be able to make them even linking with a gold mine (you can´t build walls so close to one.
    Towers cost gold too… don´t like it personally, but it´s far more tolerable than walls costing it.


  • This is a minor, but somehow annoys me. That´s a lot of hidden bonuses in this game, and they are not so well written. Again, i think AGE 3 do the job here. I know preciselly what kind of bonus i have and against who. In AOM, i´m not so sure how much damage you do, even when you read the notes, they´re not so clear.

And that´s some things i think could improve the experience of AOM in our “half life 3 edition”.

In 2002, not many PCs could play AOM smoothly,The 2003 Titan version reduced the configuration requirements.Fewer troops run the game more smoothly.1
Mod provides more information2
By the way, attack refers to damage per second4

Every technology is clearly annotated
Of course, this mod has all the languages


There is no point in an AoM DE. I’m an AoE2 player, but if AoM is going to get a revive, it needs AoM 2 instead of a definitive version. Right now, a definitive version is kind of hampered by the baggage that comes from a current version, whereas a new version would be independent an able to resolve a lot of issues and improve on gameplay. Also, do you you know about how to bold text in your posts? You could use bold text instead of caps lock for your titles. Just an idea.


Exactly AoM 2 would be better than a remastered since it no longer has to rely on an older engine and perhaps hopefully AoM 2 would have multithreading and other “modern” capabilities for an RTS such as reconnect features and better multiplayer lobbies.


I think they should add the ability to use god powers more than a one time or two time use basis . For instance after using/activiting the special god power rather than it being unusable, it could be used again when a specific time based meter or gauge is filed . Also, each civ could have a unique method to reduce the wating time required to use each god power ( i.e Norse, via battles. Egyptians, via monuments or Pharoah. Atlantis, Via how many hero units are created. Greeks via temple worshipers. Chinese, directing their shrines to produce that). Additionally i find it to be mind baffling that there is no way to heal untis in some civilization (mainly the Greeks) without choosing a patron god or activating a special god power that only could be used once for this “BASIC” function. I recommend a uniformed healing unit or method for healing units for all civs.