What should I know about balance if I didn't play the game from January 2022?


So happened I had to stop play AOE almost a year ago because of the war in my country. It still going on, but hack it, I just want play the game. Sometimes I have electricity and the Internet.

I’m very frustrated now even open it, because there was so much patches, last one I remember was about Spingalds abuse fix (btw this first reason I stop then), I feel like I should start learn game from the scratch just to play it on low\mid level. All while I still have so little time for playing games.

Anyway I just want to know what is most significant changes devs made during this time (from January) aside adding two new civs.

The game is changed a lot from Jan 2022. Now is far more balanced than before. There isn’t OP unit or civs. At the moment there isn’t an enstablished meta so if you wanna go for one tc and rush enemy is viable vs some civs or maps. If you wanna go trade is possibile. If you wanna boom is still open for it.
I suggest to relearn from scratch, the things changed from that times is a lot. Don’t make sense do a list, better you try it.