What should Microsoft do with Age of Mythology?

So after finishing their work with all AoE DE versions and launching Age of Empires IV, how should Microsoft approach to Age of Mythology? What would you like them to do?

  • Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition
  • Age of Mythology II (reboot)
  • Age of Mythology II (with other cultures)
  • Both DE and a Sequel reboot
  • Other

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Fix the remaining issues with EE and just move on to a proper sequel. There are other mythologies that would be interesting to see.


So you would make a sequel with all new cultures? No Greeks anymore for example?

I think keeping the originals but making on them a revision would be great, aswell as adding new cultures such as Japanese and AZTECS!! (Just imagine the posibilities with this last one)


I suppose old civs could be there as well, but not as the only civs in the game.


I don’t have the same draw to the other AoE franchise games as AoE1 and AoE2, and so don’t really need a DE for anything else since those two already came out. I’d rather a new AoM-like game come out, like an AoM2, and leave AoM1 the memory that it is. Just my personal preference. I loved AoM when it came out and played it a lot, but just don’t have a ton of desire to go back and play it.

Some of AoM’s mechanics didn’t do much for me, so I’d prefer if AoM2 wasn’t an exact copy of AoM1’s mechanics.


Dreaming of a new title “Age Of Mythology II” is great. Would be the best. :frowning:
But if not, with a DE, I am satisfied


Well for what i could read in the internet there is a lot of people that want a new AoM II rather than a DE of the classic one

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I really want a sequel with more medieval leanings.

Something where you could have a European civ of Christian/ Jewish legendary stuff (Dragons, Camelot knights, maybe even some Irish faerie folk things), Indo- Oriental culture (Hindu/ Budhist/ Sikh folklore stuff), and maybe Aztech or Middle-Eastern (Arabian knights, or Mezzo-American things).

I know this is highly unlikely, as drawing on more familiar cultures tends to lead to all kinds of odd places in this day and age, but I think it would be cool to have a knight charge with dragons going up against a force of Naga warriors.

Another possibility I’ve wondered about; letting the Age-up choice explicitly split down a “light and dark” path. A little more than what the original AOM did, so that you could either guide your civ down a more “pious” road, or actively make them follow darker and destructive forces. To be fair, this would possibly be drifting a bit further from the Age formula, but I do wonder if it couldn’t happen.

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The only thing I would want done for AoM1 is to let us zoom out a lot more, like they’ve done in the DEs, and wide-screen support to at least 1900x1200, if that’s not already possible.

I got AoM on Steam a couple years ago, for nostalgic reasons, and promptly returned/uninstalled it due to how close the camera was to the ground. I couldn’t believe how narrow my field of view was.

I played it a lot a long time ago, pre-Steam, so wanted to try again. But didn’t like the zoom at all, and remembered I didn’t like the culture mechanic and a couple other things. But zoom was the deciding factor.

I just want to play as the following civilizations with their respective folklore in the sequel;

a) Slavic/Russian
b) Aztecs/Mayans
c) Indian
d) Japanese
e) Korean
f) Polynesian
g) African
h) Incas
i) North American Indians
j) Persian

Any more mythological civilizations to add?


I thought they were only going to remake the first two games.
When I saw the AoE3 DE beta post on FB my heart froze lol.

A remake of AoM with better graphics and general gameplay improvements would be a dream come true.

As Adam Isgreen said before:

“Mythology occupies this really interesting space,” he says. “Do we just do a definitive version of it, or do we do something grander with it, rebooting it or taking it in a new direction? There are so many opportunities that I see with Mythology, I just don’t know what we’re going to do yet. We’re going to think it through. We want to make our fans happy, and if the fans want us to do a definitive version, we’ll heavily consider going in that direction.”

So, after releasing Age III DE this year, there’s only Age IV in the way and the good part of it is that once Age III DE be released, they will start thinking what are they going to do with Age of Mythology.
Because once Age IV is out, it will be the turn of Age of Mythology to get some love.
This said, now is the time for us to make us hear loud, and let them now that we want a proper sequel and reboot for the saga.

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Age of Mythology DE, Rise of Nations DE and both sequels reboot. Would love a RoN reboot.



Make a mythology add-on for Age of Empires Online.

Age of Empires Online would work as a really good base for a mythology mod.

AOE Online already runs on an updated and functional BANG! Engine, the same engine that ran AOM and AOE3.

It already has all the races like the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Norse.

If the game gets Gods, God powers, myth units and real campaigns it could serve as a really good starting point for a AOM DE.

If the community’s reaction is positive then they could explore the space further.

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Despite the fact that i really liked Age Online, make that with AoM will just get the hate of lot of people. Of course many would like the idea, but i have the feeling that many more would not. I like the idea bro, but i wouldn’t take it in that way

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I voted other. Fix AoM EE so it actually works for those people not even being able to go past even the main menu screen.

How is it a bad idea?

I’m not saying to keep parts that detracted from the core game like the badly implemented RPG mechanics.

I’m saying that the devs have already done a lot of work already. They can easily remake AOM in the updated engine.

The tech is already there, a lot of assets can be easily reused.

Instead of praying at the temple, you go and sacrifice people, curious indeed.

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Also Turkic-Altaic mythology would be great.It is very big and many people don’t know it.

If possible also include Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, that spin-off has a lot of potential.

Just a question though does Microsoft own Rise of Nations franchise too?