What sort of laptop will I need to play 4v4s?

Heya so currently I can play 1v1s and 2v2s. Sometimes I get a few seconds lag if theres more than 100 units fighting.

My specs are
Intel pentium b950 @2.10 ghz (2 cores, no multithreading)
8gb ram (max ram 8gb)
Nvidia 520m

I play with all the settings on lowest and my resolution is 1366x768.

Would just a slight upgrade eg go and buy a 300 euro laptop with a core2duo slightly faster and more ram cappacity do the job or would I need a more serious upgrade. Id hazard a guess that this game doesn’t really care about how many cores you have.

Another thing what would I need to play this game with the UHD mod?

I would not recommend buying a laptop at 300 EUR range for playing this game. It will sill get laggy. You’re better off buying parts online to a desktop and assembling a PC yourself.


To not lag in games on mobile you need an intel 11 gen intel cpu or ryzen 5000h with peak boost above 4.00ghz, when the cpu has lower frequency than 3.5ghz on 4x4 you get yellow clock, lower than that and it gets red.

Laptops aren’t great to play the game in 4x4 games, cause of the thermal throttling they lower their frequency when reaching certain temperature and load.

With 300 euros is not going to be enough to buy a powerful laptop, buy an intel 10 gen o 11 i3 11100f and a gt 1030 and you wont be lagging anymore, i mean those are the closest specs you might buy around that budget.

I usually don’t play in my notebook, but I can play 4v4 on lowest with no problem.

My specs:
Intel i3 8th gen
8gb ram (2x4gb, it’s very important to have 2 similar rams because of dual channel)
intel hd graphics

Probably a core2duo would do the job just fine, but I would recommend you to try to buy a ryzen3 (amd is better for gaming if you don’t have a gpu), also if you can buy a notebook with a ssd it would be a lot better (but thats optional)

whats the clock speed on your i3? I assume thats a dual core right?

3.4 Ghz with turbo, is 2 cores 4 threads…

thanks for telling me

Even NASA pc cant handle 4v4. Jokes aside, the problem is with the game, not pc.

Kinda nuts that you need a good PC to play a game from 1999 lol. I remember running 4v4s on an old craptop with 256mb ram.

Do you realize that the weight of the files multiplied their weight by 100 or 200 times right? HD was a cancerous lag and they only went from 8 bits to 32 bits and slightly larger textures from 128x128 to 512x512 and it was a lag fest, DE textures are 2048x2048 without the UHD pack, even the audio files are larger, basically that’s why you need more RAM,VRAM and cpu power.