What stuff are you all looking forward during 2022 in AOE 4

  1. I am looking forward for all the bug fixes
  2. More frequent patches and hotfixes every week atleast 1
  3. Stop large scale updates instead small updates that makes the game more stable
  4. Byzantium and Turk civlizations (end of 2022)

thanks all and merry Christmas and happy new year


Merry Christmas guys.

I am looking forward to the new Indian civ :heart_eyes:, player colour options, weather and time of day features.

Full mod support. Can I get an amen?

Taunts, cheat codes and units, full implementation of view map post-game

Some surprises including new civs, more art of war missions

Bug fixes and balance changes of course.


Better zoom, ability to pick your color, some more balance like nerfing siege, thanks to all and a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to the AoE community :christmas_tree:

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Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire, fix Delhi & horseman, nerf siege (esp the OP “Chinese bombard” that never was), +15-20% zoom, player colors, post-game can view map, merry Christmas to all


Doesn’t matter what I want, I know for sure I am going to get more delhi bugs and nerfs.


Looked forward to map bans. I’m not interested in playing water maps thank you very much.
Also looking forward to ranked queues.
Also please please please allow us to see the map post game, hate how it’s bugged at the moment.


Bug fixes
Balance updates
Ranked queue
Map bans
New civs (Japan, Vikings/Danes, Ottoman & Byzantine Empires)

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im looking for aoe5

cause this already dead!

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Not looking foward to aoe4 stuff, in 2022.

Long time i have lose hope, of any game developpement, since open beta.

I am looking forward to the following:

  1. Fishing boat nerf (cost and build time) in order to making non-water strategies possible on hybrid maps.
  2. Reduce siege unit hit points so infantry and cavalry can kill the bombard if they manage to reach them.
  3. Nerf Russia and Mongols.
  4. Ranked play with map vetoes.
  5. Dehli bug fixes so that you can actually play all the civs in the game again.

I hope there will be an additional and HUGE hotfix update/patch before 22

Don’t get your hope up.

It took years to get age of empire 4.

Maybe a mager patch each season is the most you could ever ask.

By mager patch, i am talking about a slitly modification to a few units.

It take time to recode a attack line. XD

Highly unlikely since Relic wouldve had to finish the patch weeks ago for us to get it before end of year, and the latest patch came out this month.

Not that much for independant where their game project is at stake even when they give all they got.
But for lazy developpers where their game is failure or popularity won’t change the amount of money they got at the end of the month i’m sure you are right XD
I’d like that my military units obey my move command. But you are right i should be patient and thanks the devs for that unbelievable game ! x)

they released winter’s patch with a lot of bugs. that mean they didn’t test it and released it too soon.
I think they don’t really care of the state of the game wether it is good or not and just reales updates to keep people interested about the game. Like a F2P would release constent update or content. Just to catch people interest. Once again winter’s patch quality weren’t really encouraging. :frowning:

I just meant they finished that winter patch basically right after the game came out. The certification process through Microsoft + Steam means that any patches we receive are like 3-4 weeks old.

I hope to see more frequent balance patches, even if they are not perfect and introduce some balance issues.
Higher frequency, faster fixes and direct communication after something went wrong.
The community will start complaining and when they listen to the feedback of the patch it should be fixed in some days after the balance update and continue to iterate again and again until we have a well-balanced game.

I mean no one introduces new bugs on purpose. I don’t mind new bugs appearing in a bigger patch, as long it gets fixed soon after it.

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i see a lot of developpers patch their game faster and with a better communication about what going on.
and i’ve never seen any of them putting the wiki definition of “update” in their patchnote ! if i don’t take them seriously it’s for a reason. they ain’t simple as that

Not really looking forward to anything they’ve announced. Without bigger population limit options, I’m not very interested in this. I got so used to 400+ pop games in AOE2 that going back to 200p games, especially where siege units can shrink army capacity considerably, is just not fun and is why I have stopped playing AOE4.

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