What systems will this game be available on?

I remember my friend had a Mac and he played Age of Empires III on it. I know everybody wants this on PC, but what about Linux or Mac? I don’t think this game should be designed for consoles at its current state, because we all know how it would limit the controls, but you could vote for it if you wished it to be.

I think AoE4 needs windows 10! if you do not have windows 10, you can not play!

I also think that if we are talking about the AoE line, they should only be developed for PCs (windows 10) and not consoles (Xbox). If I see an AoE game developed for Xbox (like Halo wars 2 developed for both PCs and Xbox), I think I could lose the use of the word! In fact you can not see Halo wars 2 for PC with interface for Xbox! For that game, the primary target are Xbox players !! AoE must be for PC players !!