What the best civ if I don't want play long macro games, civ with best 2-3 age tech?

And I also don’t like stuff like Mongols Rush or French Knights, it’s too easy.

So my goal is to play something between macro and 10-15 cheesy strategies (well, in SC2 it was called timed all-in)

Not because I don’t want to learn, but simply not always enough time for playing, and it’s kinda boring spent 1 hour on one single game against some turtle nausea.

English longbow all in is pretty good and you build spears incase the opponent goes Cav.

Otherwise the French Royal Knights all in is about as fast as it gets. Maybe the RUS Knights all in.

AoE isnt nearly as fast as SCII so there are few strats that is consistently win you a 15-20 minute game.

HRE Is pretty much a timing civ. You pretty much go all in on age 3. The fourth age you can get out paced being its special unit looses effectiveness late game imo and there are better civs for an early rush if that’s your goal. To me they seem to really thrive in the mid game situations.

The Mongols have S tier economy, they can boom both early and late game. One reason is that they gain resources when they burn and deal extra damage when upgraded.

So the early rush to TC with rams at Feudal age is the best. You will finish your opponent in 7 minutes xD

Nah, those cavs are easily countered by spearmen. You need something to destroy buildings.

The Cav are countered by spears in a straight up fight sure. Cav have strength in mobility. Spears are counter by archers very easily. The French have the best archers in the game with the Arbaletrier. Going two stable Royal Knight harass into blacksmith and archers in later feudal/early Castle is very easy and almost unstoppable.

Lol, the Mongols wont let the French go into Castle. they destroy in Feudal man. French have no way to counter the Mongol Rush with rams and men at arms mixed with spearmen. I call it 7-minute domination tactic.

You really can’t do anything when a lot of rams are hitting your TC, you will need to target the men at arms and spearmen defending it. And the archers wont do anything to them, nor the cavs or spearmen. I have been inviting those who said French or the Rus is the best civ and I defeated them all. So far no losses in MP games. I dominated all the games. It is I think crucial to play the campaigns (on hard) to learn secret tricks.

I am assuming by Mongol rushing you are talking about the TC pack rush? Just for clarity?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 20 characters.

I told you it is a rush with rams and infantries.

Ive been playing Mongols since release (and not with the douche cheese strat) and a pretty decent timing attack for me has been mangudai, spearman, and rams in mid-late fuedal. Spearman counter cav, and mangudai are good vs most stuff, though their damage output is weak. However, with the rams, you can garrison some guys inside them, and push. If you have your upgrades on time, you stuff will be better armored and deal a bit more damage against your opponent. Its a bit harder vs English though since they have longbowmen that can snipe your mangudai.

You saying men at arms and spearmans, what if opponent go to archers? They can easy snipe all infantry with decent micro.

Abassid, 15 Minute push with 20-30 +1/+1 Spearman with double poking range + some camel archers to give +1 armor to the spears and 3-5 rams while you go up to castle.

Stronk one that is.

Archers? Chase em down with your +2 armor spears while the camel archers widdle them away. Or just jump into your rams and go for buildings, when the vills are coming, time to jump out and poke around.

Additional spearman reinforcements rally a little away and keep on building rams to reinforce.

Even if it does not kill your enemy outright, it will most likely do economic damage, behind that you go up to castle, send some vills to stone, prepare to get a second TC.