What the Hell is Argentinia doing? Worldcup Teamisland vs Germany

Hi guys I still can not fckn believe what I saw yesterday in the worldcup Teamisland Game ! How is it possible that Argentinia throw that Game and does not make an Invasion to the opponent Island when it is cristal clear they had their opponent on the ground??? Every 1K elo player and probably even any 800 would notice that. I mean seriously wtf??? I still can not fckn believe it how in Hell is that possible???

After the Game Capoach complained the map has been unfair and wanted a restart? What the Hell is going on with this guys?

Please only answer if you have seen the match yet. Thanks in Advantage.

Well, imagine beeing 12k gold down thanks to…amazing mapscripts and still nearly winning. Even Nili admitted that Arg might have won with a fair map.

Yeah, i do agree they did throw a bit. But mistakes happen. And after the landing, Argentinia didnt have gold anymore while Ger still had some.


The fact you use the word “invasion” andnot “landing” tell us a lot about how you would have done better than Nicov and Capoch 11

They could have landed before, yeah, but again the map was so unfair


They have all the Time in the world to make that invasion Happen when gold is not an Issue. i mean all army was destroyed and nili says if it was not a tournament game they would have just resigned. Still can not Believe it. Is gamemanipulation possible? I dont know about the betting options here…

And map is unfair. Can be for both parties. So what. Variance. Unbelivable. Unbelivable.

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This is not just “variance”. Its not just having a map that is easy to wall or something. This is 12k gold one team has which the other does not have.

There is a reason relics wont all cluster on your TC on arabia - it just wouldnt be fair. But why try to keep this balanced, yet still let hugely uneven gold happen?

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Every 800 elo player would catch stuff like that since they are slowly scrolling around the island while letting their navy die. At high level sometimes you get tunnel vision you are obsessed by the micro or thinking about several things at the same time.

My point is everybody can not get housed an entire game. just focus only on not getting housed and you are fine. But throw in all the other stuff and you get housed once or twice.

Its not that simple to think of everything and mistakes can be made.

Who confirmed its 12k gold? Where does this number come from? It could have been germany who has been 12k gold down or not? So whats the point here?

I doubt this 12k is true. One pile is 350… So ten are 3500 …mhhh

One gold pile= 800gold
One stone pile=350gold

Ah i was wondering allready a bit. Still would have been 15 piles. I doubt it.

Sorry, i missrememberd - it was 7.2k, still enough for a huge impact.

If you read the already linked thread, you can see the organizer of the whole event making a statment:

Yes, I saw the problem while streaming and did comment on that, even restarted the rec just to make sure that was the case. Definitely was a very huge problem for a big tournament like this one. You’re 100% right, really sorry for what happened to you guys.

So what make trade or finish the game long long time before that becomes an issue. They should not blame the map they played it just very poorly. In the longrun map disadvantage should equalize for both parties. Even in arabia you dont have 100 percent fair maps.

I mean just rewatch the early Game its kind of a joke. I still dont get it.

You mean the part were the utterly outplay GER and smash their landing? Yeah did see that.

I mean when they had a hundred percent water controll and Germany has nothing not even a single tower just Nothing to stop their landing. They could go ofk for like 1 Minute straight and still get through with their landing like a knife through butter. It is just unexplaniable to me what they are doing. And than complain about the map??? Joke is on argentina for sure.

It should have been and admin re, Nacho-AoE admitted that on aoezone, so Capoch was right.

Because landing is not necessarily good. Landing into what, condos? against japs with a castle? maybe they feeled that their spot wasn’t good enough to attempt a landing, since Capoch was not even in imp, maybe they were thinking that in that position siegeing the shore would be enough
But then again, you know why Germany made that comeback? That extra gold had a big role in that, since they could still spam without starting trade. 7k gold is a lot of unit and trade requires investements. In argentina situation you either invest earlier into trade and get pushed back since you cannot keep up with the production of military thanks to the extra gold the other team had, or you invest in military hoping you can kill them fast enough. The problem is that with extra golds, the other team can take more bad engagements since they can still replenish their troops.

Landing into what? You know you have to sacrifice pop space for that? You either let the vikings (not in imp) land into nothing and you lose 70ish soon to be galleons or you let the italian land and you watch his condos getting killed by a few samurais.
And yeah, gold played a big part in how things unfolded since without it Germany would have not probably come back, as even Nili stated


They could have land both easy unser the protection of their navy. Which was not even necessary cause germany had no army at all rather on water than on the land.
And spoiler alert at some point you have to go to your opponents island anyway I think there have been not much better spots in the history of this Game.

No you don’t 11, you can win the game by never setting foot on the enemies’ island.

Btw, you are making all these comments without even understanding why 7 k gold are so important and this is the really lovely part about all of this

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No you leak basic understanding about game dynamic. The way the game played out the 7k gold difference mean a ■■■■.

But I give you that if you play vs argentinia it is not necessary to set a foot on opponents land. 11

The admin admitted it should have been a restart.

Nili said they might have lost without the extra gold and that this was really, really bad luck for Arg.

Chrazini, the most famous map scriptor, calls what happend an oversight and asks for more balanced maps in the future.

But there comes uberpro WeeWalk and shares his insight: 7.2k Gold are nothing, Arg deserved to lose and played the “earlygame” (by what he apparently means IMP) badly.

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