What this game needs to compeate with other RTS games

Might be a decent game if they add in all the missing crap
here my list…

Map blacklist
Civ blacklast
Player colors.
Better team messaging or even VOIP
remove wonders in team games or game type to remove them
real replay files that can be shared easy
siege rework
Mongols rework
ships rework
100’s of balance changes like mongols early game and late game. China’s crap landmarks. Siege vers units.
100’s of bug fixes that are game ending
New maps that dont favor just 1 Civ over everyone so everyone just plays that Civ on that map!!
Better map generation that is fair for all. ! player no deep fish etc.
Better ranked play. 1v1 and teams also 3v3 and 4v4. FFA also
Cheaters banned and things like drop hack removed. Map hack removed
Map editor and a place to post them for people to play
MOD support in a big way
EVEN MORE (to tired to go on)

Dont think we will see any of this within decent amount of time. This is the common things other RTS have and had from day one.
This is why im angry. This is why I feel cheated paying $60
Enough said