What time does season two start?

Its going to be 1st July here in Australia/New Zealand in 2 hours. Does anyone know when Season two is starting?

I’m not sure we have a start date or time yet. I assume it’s when the PUP update its the live servers, but idk when that is

Season One update was released on 7th April and its ending on June 30th. If they launch Season 2 on 7th July then whats gonna be in between 1st July and 7th July?

ref: What’s in a Season? More on Age IV Seasons Two and Three!   - Age of Empires

I really appreciate your attention to source material.

Maybe ranked will be down and they’ll do server maintenance or something? Not sure what or if they plan on doing anything with the down time.

They never had any downtime yet since the game launched. They will loose players if they shut down ranked. I think they will close season one on 30th June, give out rewards to players based on their last rank on 1st July and start season two as well on 1st July without the pup update. And then they will push out the patch next week or so.

There is sth called “quick match” xD, which is better than the current ranking system anyway.

They haven’t officially announced a release date for Season 2 patch when it goes live, so I wouldn’t expect it to go live tomorrow before they say something at least. Let’s hope it does goes live tomorrow but let’s keep our expectations low for the moment.

I have a related question, is the current season ending today, at like mid day PST, or at like midnight? Do we still have the rest of today to play the season?

I guess the second season will start on 7/1 on time, the second season should have no special connection with the PUP update, because it will make it easier for developers to make any game changes and adjustments.

And what time is that. It’s already 7th July here in Sydney

apparantly it starts at midnight the players timezone

its just under 4 hours until midnight for me so is it releasing at midnight in my timezone?

Yes twenty characters minimum

I was able to claim my season one’s rewards. But apparently ranked matchmaking is currently disabled. Will ranked matchmaking be turned on only when it’s 1st July for everyone else?

Apparently you were right. Ranked matchmaking has been disabled for me after season one ended. No idea when it will be enabled again. I hope it gets enabled within 24h.

They posted an FAQ link on Twitter with a lot of answers to questions people have been asking on this forum.

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nice, they just posted the faq about 5 hours ago


I hope rhey give us a few weeks before season 2 start ti give is a break between the grind and allows us to enjoy our season 1 success. BUT i hope maintenance and patch happens as soon as possible!!!

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