What tournaments and events would you like to see more of?

Hello from EGCTV!

Hopefully over the last few months you’ve come across the Table Topper (where we had the top ELO players square off every month) or our new Blind Civ Series (where top players choose their civ blind to the opponents selection, and score more points for under-played civs).

While we’ve been thrilled with the reaction that these events have got from the community, we’d also love feedback on what kind of competitive action you’d like to see more of.

Civilisation variety was certainly the most commonly raised issue, which guided our recent events, but are there other formats of the game you’d like to see more of at a competitive level on Twitch and YouTube?

If you have suggestions and they prove to be popular, we’ll definitely look to include them in future scheduling.



I would love to see treaty matches being shown off. There are some truly remarkable players in this game mode and it might introduce more people into my favorite game mode of this game!


i think if you wanna see that then go and watch floko, most of the people he play with are pretty good.


Well, first of all thank you for covering Age of Empires 3. My whole life I thought that this game is underappreciated, and I’m thrilled to finally see this game getting covered. I did loved the concept of Blind Civ Series, and I’m definitively watch more events like that on the future if they would be organized.

My personal suggestion would be a event where the players play on full water maps only (Maps like Amazonia, Caribbean and Ceylon where the players are on separated islands). I always loved those huge naval battles that takes place on these maps, and we don’t see those maps on tournaments.

Naval battles are a cool and relatively unexplored feature on this game, and will take the top players a little bit out of their comfort zone. I think will be a interesting event.


A series like T90’s hidden cup for aoe2 where players don’t know who they are facing.

Thank you for covering AoE3!
It is great to see blind games between top players with top players commentary.

For me personally, civilization diversity is the most important thing. I’d like to see more Aztec games but still they are almost not being picked.

I’m trying to figure out some better way to encourage players to pick under-played civs but I don’t have any good idea. Maybe before every game draw 5 civilizations for every player and let him/her to choose only from these 5?

Idea with full water maps seems to be very interesting too :slight_smile:

Deathmatch or game modes which arent typically played (NR20). Maybe as a showmatch as part of the main event?

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Naval battles please!

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Deathmatch 1v1 or 2v2.