What unique mechanics do you think could be added to existing or future UU's?

An infantry with attack bonus against siege.
A foot archer with attack bonus against siege.
A foot archer with attack bonus against archer.
A foot archer with high MA.
A cavalry archer with MA.
A cavalry archer with attack bonus against infantry.
A cavalry archer with attack bonus against cavalry.
A cavalry unit with attack bonus against cavalry.
A cavalry unit with attack bonus against archer.

Instead of having fancy special ability, I want simple unique stats that are not present in the game on UU.


Camel units dont count?

Those are some interesting ideas.

  • A unit with a stun or root.
  • UUs with some kind of activatable ability. Not sure AoE2 purists would go for this though, although we do have Rathas now, and their toggle is similar.
  • Some kind of warrior monk.
  • A unit with some kind of “aura” to buff friendly units.

muchas de esas habilidades las tienen unidades en el aoe 3 De pero como no es el popular a nadie le importa

IDK. There was no “Camel” armor class back then.

In addition to the OP’s unique mechanics, I think

  • a UU that can dodge melee attacks (Infantry, CA or archer)
  • a UU that shreds attack

also have potential for nice UUs.

A UU that gives you resources when they destroy houses.


An UU with very long range but low attack, the attack is inversely proportional to the range
If you micro to a short range, you have a strong attack and vice versa

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Like Keshiks but with buildings?

A infantry unit that sprints for few sec(3sec maybe), new hotkey. So you can suddenly close the gap between archers or something and it has cooldown.


“Some kind of warrior monk.”

Japanese Sohei monks or Tibetan fighting monks.

You missed the most obvious one templar knights.

A fighting healer can easily be some sort of tribal war priest/shaman

Perhaps a unit that gets affected by all military technologies, idk how it would be explained realistically speaking.

So for example if it were an infantry unit, they would get extra armor from the cavalry armor upgrades. But upgrades that would add like range or accuracy doesnt apply as the unit wouldnt be ranged.

Also idk if it woupd be any good at all lol

In AoE2 The Bulgarian Konnik is a cavalry unit that just gets dismounted when killed, then it’s an infantry unit until it gets killed again.

So it uses both infantry and cavalry upgrades, not at the same time though.

What if there was a unit that could neither attack or be attacked by a certain unit or type of unit?

this would be too strong unless the infantry has a clear weakness like the ratha does with skirms/pike.

imo all mode switch should have a short delay so people couldn’t just switch to “fast” to get out of danger situation constantly based on poor decisions.

Gain movement speed when out of battle

The ability to capture a castle or town center by depleting its health to like 10 percent like Rise of Nation. It would be also cool to have a world domination campaign as well.

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I am pretty certain scenario trigger can already do this. HP of building on this square fall below certain percent and became gaia for capture etc…

doesn’t need to be a new unit, existing infantry can just have that instead. how fast and how long depending on balance of course