What unique mechanics do you think could be added to existing or future UU's?

I dont really mind if is balanced and fun to use. Said that.

  • AoE buffs of some kind. UU with wardrums? An UU that can put a banner that buff nerby allied units that can be destoyed? (No stack) Affect only 5 closest units?

  • UU that can build special buildings: Fast, low life and cheap barricades? Or whatever.

  • Some kind or rogue, sneaky UU. Cant see it unless X squares?

  • Poison/Bleed could BE nice

A few ideas of the top of my head.

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First one is a caravansarai made to a unit and second is sergeant variation.

Sicilians already have it but it can only build tower

More regenerating UU like berserk.

A cavalry and a foot archer UU that can regenerate. CA unit with regenerating without any UT maybe too strong.

Regardless of which unit regenerates its still the berserk mechanic.

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I have no problem with that.

Well yes, something in those lines, i forgot that building exist xD. More of those kind, balanced of course, is something i would like to see.

How about a trade unit that can fire arrow to defend

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a UU that can be used for trade runs could be pretty cool, so long as it produces out of a castle, is decent at fighting, and not (too much) better at trading than actual trade carts.


Maybe it can only be traded with enemy market

Why? That’d feel silly. The enemy would build the market in the back and the UU gimick would be useless.

Once you’ve got a UU that just so happens to be able to trade, and you decide to run home with it, it would be pretty fun if you could decide to trade raid the enemy market.

But being able to include them into a normal trade rout (and call them out again when you need them to fight) feels like it should be the primary use of a trade gimmick UU. That way people may forget about the trade gimmick in 1v1s, and thus allow it to be used there too.

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Forcing enemy to build market in the back is already a strong bonus. In 1v1 market no longer can be used as walling. It works Like Lietuvos can force player in tg to commit on relic war

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Fighting monks. Can convert or fight but not heal or carry relics.

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Fighting monk that can convert unit when he kill a unit would be fun. But it seems a zombie like army

I would add a unit that has a chance for critical hits that deal extra damage.

I could also see a unit that has a lifesteal ability.

seems a bit RNG here. Does RNG encourage in RTS game?

I’ve wanted a fighting monk for a while. AoE4 launched with one so that’s cool. It would be cool to have one in AoE2 as well.

That actually sounds awful.

No need to introduce more RNG.


All infantry UU (except ghulam and obuch) can garrison inside barracks.

is it a team bonus? 20 char

What about Technologies are 10%/15%/20% more expensive in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age for your enemy
Like the Chinese bonus but backwards

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