What was the budget for AoE 4?

I came to the conclusion that MS did not invest a fair amount of money on AoE 4.

Just go to the COH 3 facebook page and look all they have done in this short time (top quality gameplay/top quality animations and graphics/ top quality cinematics/ top quality posts), man you see all the money spent on it…

Some how I feel like MS dont take us seriously, those animations they have shared are just so disrespectful, no good cinematics, no gameplays, nothing with the quality we would expect. So my question is, did they have to do miracles with a low budget? because thats what I feel


None of us have any idea what the cost of the game was. What’s the point of this post?


You’re forgetting something…CoH is a Relic’s IP. They know ins and outs of CoH game design. Even EA & 2K produces a new Fifa and NBA every year. But for the Age, this was their first traditional RTS game…with a different mechanics and different game design. Anyways, the gameplay of CoH 3 is more like 2. The only new “WOW” factor is that Total War like map design.

Of course we don’t know if you’re speaking truth…you may very well be accurate. But let the game release then make up your mind?!


By the way, this feature was already in CoH 2, in addition. So we can say that the idea with a global map is not the newest one.


Thank you for the correction. Yes, the scale is slightly larger (which is understandable with a newer engine), but the idea itself isn’t new.

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I am judging their social media (facebook) campaign and the quality of videos and animations they share cant even be compared; for one side (COH) feel like a ´´AAA´´ game with a big budget and other side (AoE 4) feels like ´´a´´ game with low budget. Considering AoE is the father of all RTS, mobas, etc. games, the less a real fan would expect is top quality posts (in facebook or youtube), with top quality cinematics and more information about the game since they already have in presale. But what we have? it is just a joke just as the footage they have shared in game… Once I test the game I will be more than glad to share my thoughs because I take things seriously, not like of most of the kids on this forum defending the joke of campaign and footage we have received uptodate. For me it is clear they dont care about us, they just care about money, putting in presale a game for $60 without showing any gameplay and game mechanics or finished work just show their lack of budget or their merchandise interest instead of giving us the game that we all want…


What a pity that modern journalists do not know how to pass a verdict on games based on posts on Facebook.
Are you seriously drawing conclusions about the budgets and success of games (that didn’t come out) from developer posts on social media? Amazing analytics …


By the way, I want to add a question. Why is everyone so excited about CoH 3? She literally showed nothing new at all.
the graphics are not very different from CoH 2 (the bright filter was pulled), the global mode? He was already there.
Western Front? How many times has it happened.
I did not see a global breakthrough in the CoH series at all, I will certainly buy because there are no new RTS at all, but this is clearly not something of the AAA class and the flagship of the industry.

You have formed that opinion and I am not against it. The only place I can agree with you is they have messed up the marketing and communication of this game. You have to take a different point of view though dude. Age series, was never and never will be MS’s Halo. And now Bethesda under the belt, Age will be even lesser of a focus. If Age 4 happen to sell 5 million copies then we will see another age in next 6-8 years.

I kinda don’t blame them either. Their company runs on data, and data say RTS genre is too limited in every way…player base, niche taste, platform, post-launch income. It is my opinion that MS has adequately invested money in Age IV. I am not a graphics first player, for me only gameplay matters. That’s the immersion factor for me. The graphics look fine, but the animations can use improvements. That’s my only complaint. You may think I set the bar very low, and that’s okay. Having different taste is not bad and somehow against the world.


AoE isn’t the father of all rts. Games like Warcraft I, Commander and Conquer and Dune II are older than AoE I.

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Alas, AoE is now the only live RTS series of all.

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All quite fair points.

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top quality animations and graphics

Where? Somwhere behind this graphic from coh2?

No idea. But it does not look like a main target for funding like CoH3.

Man. You trying to warn that is wasted energy. The beauty of the franchise has already been shattered with Age IV.

I don’t know why they did it either. What a lovely brand. Insane memories created by this. Oh man, the old Enseble Studios. Chills…

First, they destroyed the mutual sequence of ages and the actual chronology of historical times.
Now, that regardless work. Man! Why?


Graphics are much better than CoH2

Global mode is much bigger than CoH2

They have showed the Eastern Front at the start for both previous games, Western front came in DLCs, lol
Do you know what you’re talking about?


I have nothing against AoE 4 graphics, yeah units should look better but the graphics in CoH 2 are way better then in AoE 4.


Budget as a pure number isn’t useful anyway. If you spend it on expensive salaries of western developers then you are not getting as much bang for the bucks as if you hire out some development teams from China.

Microsoft has a lot of money, and they probably had a fairly big budget. Whether it has been spent effectively? Who knows. MS often sponsors AoE2 tournaments with fat stacks of cash, so I cant imagine that MS did not invest a healthy amount of cash into AoE4


pretty much true. But that really stress me out, I am quite sure their budget is not that small: Aoe 1DE, 2 DE, 3DE… plus the MS money and so on. My real concern is what they have done if they had a big budget. I mean, if what you are saying is true then it would be a good justification and we all would understand and support no matters what. But if they had a big budget we should make a riot lol I am really afraid that all we have seen until now is just a chain of bad decisions and wrong art employees

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Nah first game was about Americans not about Eastern front. And second was caricature of eastern front with that Order 227 mechanic and overall ridiculous campaign plot.

Really? You think going to modern times and turning it into CC generals is a good idea?
NO thank you very much.