What we did to someone

I was glad that AoE 4 was being created.

From the rating of this game.

Unfortunately, the developers did not inform at all from the very beginning.
Everything seems divided unfinished to me.
Too many mistakes. One patch will make more mistakes and there must be another patch right away.

Terrible imbalance of civilizations.
Terrible water, ships and naval battles. the joke called a demolition ship.

I wanted an army battle where infantry, gunners or cavalry decide.

But in this game, it decides who will make the 3rd and 4th time the fastest, and then it’s a siege war (catapults, springalds and cannons.

What are you punishing us for?

I don’t like it at all and it’s not fun at all, every game ends up just Siege weapons …

This game is heading into the abyss of history.
She didn’t succeed at all.

So have a nice time here.

the last remnants of the AoE community 4.

I get the sentiment, but we’re not quite to the last remnants, yet.

On a different note, will you be heading to 2:DE?

Make sure to turn the lights off before you leave

You’ve every right to move on to another game and come back when this game feels better for you or never come back at all, it’s up to you. But can we stop this nonsense that the game is doomed to fail or that it’s too late to fix the game?

It couldn’t be further away from the truth, and the developers says otherwise with their live streams & road-map. People these days simply lack patience and expect things to get fixed in a few days time. Well this isn’t the case as much as I’d love it to be that way myself, it’s just not logical and reasonable to expect something like that, and you end up setting yourself to be disappointed and that’s on you and no one else’s fault.

Spend your time with family & friends during this Christmas time & New Year (if you celebrate it) and I’m sure they will give us a patch sometime in early Q1 that just sits and waits for approval by Microsoft.