What were your favorite sound effects?

The attack alert sound of AOE2.

The laser sounds from the troopers in AoE1 were pretty cool to hear.


Also, that over-the-top death scream that was also revisited in AOE2 in less ear-piercing quality.

The sound when you start building a wonder because its a great sound / magic and your opponent has to hear it
This sound can also itself humiliate your ennemy : I built this because I just rolled over you

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wololo was my best one too , but what about during lan games the guy talking about your ISP ?
That one was in AOE 2

Gotta admit I love Villager death sounds.

I’ll never forget reading an interview with Chris Rippy, and he talked about how he was surprised that his neighbors didn’t call the cops while he was trying to record all these screaming death calls :smiley:

I have to admit that selecting a bunch of villagers and then quickly pressing “supr” was one of my favourite things to do in the game: HMMMMM AAAAARG HMMMM HMMMM :`D

I loved 8 (all hail king of the losers)in AOK and even named my clan back then 8. As we tended to lose a lot in games. (was Cnephil back then)

Sword/spear effects. Wonder effects and relic effect. Wololo is overrated.

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AoE 2 Relic, pressed many times

I’d sometimes create a drum kit on screen using catapults, ballista, and a lot of different buildings.

Also the boat sink sound was kind of funny to me when I was younger, because you could hear one “HEEWRGH” amongst the splashing sound, even if it was a trireme with 20+ men on it

Ruins/Artifacts changing control 10 times during the middle of a battle WOHH All ruins have been captured, hold them for WROAHH Control of the ruins was lost! WOHH All ruins WROAH WOHH WROAH of the artifacts WROAH

When you can’t be bothered chasing the enemy, so you build a Wonder and they send whatever units are remaining to try and destroy the Wonder beeline through all your towers :slight_smile:

“19” in the lobby was probably my favorite sound effect.

I remember using 1 yes and2 No in conversations. instead of typing LoL, i just used 19 :dizzy:

Birds ambient-sound effects… love them. About the building and unit ones… Barracks (that primitive percussion) and Dock, and war ships (so military).

the academy and the dock, “lemonade” sound’s like ah ah it’s my favorite.

it was the tower build sound and the clubman hitting stuff

I have to agree, the classic aoe catapult sound is very satisfying. I remember teching straight to catapults just to hear it. Also really enjoyed classic aoe sword sound. Soundtracks were great also. Can’t wait to hear it all again in the DE.

“Habbadacus” I almost died laughing the last time I heard that.

House bongo solo anyone? :smiley:

The Watch Tower Eagle sound when being clicked :slight_smile:

A lot of the sounds are great. But I really like the sound when you create a new fishing ship.