What will the next civilizations be?

With the Ottomans out, considering the historical influence it’s clear that the next civ is the Byzantine Empire, I suppose. What will the first DLC introduce? I hope there will be unique and interesting civilizations, also in the campaign.

In my estimation, Byzantine Empire, Japanese(From the Asuka period to the Sengoku Jidai), Spainish Kingdom(From the Visigothic to end of the Reconquista), Korean(From the Three kingdoms to the Imjin War), Khmer Empire are likely to come out. As in the AOE2, it is likely to be released in groups by region. More civs, much better, anyway.


If you want, check out this poll. This poll is about what civ should the Byzantines pair with. Now when it comes to naming conventions in AoE4, Byzantine Empire would be simply named as Byzantines just like in AoE2.

Byzantines came after the HRE, no? Can they both fit into the game simultaneously?

No and No.

Word limit.

I sense a time paradox

Honestly, the Byzantines and Holy Roman Empire can both exist in one game because the Byzantines ruled more within the eastern zone while the HRE ruled more within the western zone.

The HRE ist NOT the Roman Empire!!!

It was the Name of an Empire in the middle of Europe
( today : Germany, czech, Austria, Swiss, netherlands, north italy, slovenia)

So byzantin Empire would bei a perfekt Match, because both claimed to be the rightful succesor of the old Roman Empire anf Sometimes they worked together and Sometimes Had war against each other .

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Ehhh, this is just speculation, we do not know, how the developers plan it, and there is no official announcement, it could be completely different.

But, Yes I want Byzantines too , it is one of my favourite medieval “civilisation”

And Holy Roman Empire and Byzantine (East Roman) Empire are 2 seperate medieval entities.

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In the fact, the Holy Roman Empire was not Holy and was not Roman

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For the people who lived in the middle ages it was holy (blessed by the Pope) and Roman (christianity was seen as the only Thing, which was left by the Roman Empire ) .

Voltaire’s sentence is not relevant because it describes the late HRE int the 18 century.

But yes: for us today IT was Not holy (Always war) and Not Roman (Not “Italian” language )


I saw no plans for new civs anytime soon in the devs’ roadmap. Wait a year or so, things around here go at a snail’s pace.
More importantly, are these civs going to be well designed? Maybe offer a fresh experience? Or is it going to be some more of the same?

The reason why I value historical influence is because to determine how interesting a campaign is to produce when that civilization is added. It’s a fun campaign to play when you tell a interesting story, right?

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Not sure for how long new civs will have campaigns. :confused:
In AOE3 no new civ since DE had one and AOE4 campaigns for sure are even more expensive than 3DE’s

I want to be Byzantines.

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