What would warcraft 3 units look like in Aoe 3?

It is a question that has always crossed my mind, since it would be interesting to see a mod for warcraft 3 with the graphic style and the game mode of age of empires 3, if it sounds stupid and bizarre, but hey! it’s okay to think stupid xd

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can you guys stop bringing this non sense into the game ?

tontería de que colega? de que me esta hablando?

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as a mod i think it would be a fun one to play, but you’d have to do warcraft 3 models in aoe3 engine instead

well, a mod is a mod. I havent problems with a mod who is bringing this for casuals. But as a normal Game implantation is not needed.

A eso me referia más que nada una especie de mod, tipo NE en donde se hicieran las facciones del Warcraft 3

I would love it, although I would prefer even more to see an age of warhammer^^


The Empire and Bretonnia can be easily done with existing in-game units and textures. The rest is going to be a little trickier (an idea: we can reskin the tank of leonard in steam tank of the Empire)

I know how to change game data with xml files, but 3D creation and animation is more complicated…