What would you have preferred: AoE:DE or AoE 4?

I think it would be better if they create a new engine and re-start the series.

If they were to release AoEDE and AoE4 at the same time, and I had money to buy only one of them, it would be AoEDE. Original AoE was, is and will always be my favorite game in the world.

Well aoe 4 sure but only really first no rush means not one year nor 2 year. Since this RTS most difflecult genre to create. And if possible the full original team of ensemble studios. Of course if there is a team similiar to ensemble studio then i would also not mind but just don’t break the franchise. disolving ensemble studio was a bad thing even the same thing that happened to flight simulator x. Just because they wanted to take a different direction -_-. Good games hard to find nowadays. since all the rush and you know.

Aoe 4 only if it’s a team similiar to ensemble studios
and aoe definitive sure it’s a new change of graphics :slight_smile:

@the_choson_one said:
Knowing this year was the 20th anniversary of the Age of Empires franchise, I was expecting some announcement about AoE IV on the E3 or the GamesCom. And nothing about it.

But suddenly they announced that AoE Definitive Edition and I literally came in tears. So… yes. I prefer that AoE Definitive Edition. This is a dream coming true.

Me too, I didn’t know if I was shocked or in awe, but tears started streaming

@EmeraldCard9 said:

@Pykke said:
Of course I would have preferred an Age of Empires IV or Age of Mythology 2, every franchise needs new entries to stay alive and do well.

But I’m really happy with AOE DE too and they have more announcements for us :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, its coming. Get your friends to buy AOE:DE so it reaches the numbers that it needs to and brace yourselves for gamescom, I can smell it.

Not on the windows store though.

@LegoVogel said:
AOE DEfinitely. I even want to go as far as to change the name to that. :stuck_out_tongue:
I always liked the Ancient time setting. And it always stung me a bit that AOE II got a remake while overlooking the first one in the series.

I think it is good that they make their old series more playable for new players first, and then starting to focus on expanding the series again.

I also prefer a classical time setting, but overall I do think aoe2 is just better, in my opinion

Age of Empires IV would be very interesting. I would love trying a aoe-game set in WW1. Other games (for example Empire Earth) have shown that modern units and technologies give even more possibilities and more space for strategies. WW1 would be great because new weapon like tanks or planes were rare and expensive. I think the devs could give us an exciting alternative to the older settings but with aoe charme.
And maybe they are going to make it more grounded on esports and improve the competetive modes.