What would you like AOE 4 to feature?

For me it would be basically a new AOE Rise of Rome but with distinctive architecture and unit design for each civ, also all the convenience features from all the more recent spinoffs and of course unit and tech diversity, like, a lot of technologies and units. I sincerely don’t like the idea which has emerged since AOE 3 which is all that modern realistic stuff which in my opinion is simply boring. AOE: Definitive Edition sucked major balls and since there isn’t really a good RTS with an ancient theme this would be really cool


AoEO fits the description of a good RTS with an ancient theme.

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compared to other rts-games out there, really? hmm, nah. It’s old, you know.

AoEO is my favorite in the series. I know I am not alone, but there aren’t a lot of us clanging around this forum these days.

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I wouldn’t mind either Antiquity or the Middle Ages. However, since AoE: DE just came out, people might be less interested in seeing another game from the ancient era.

Definitely agree that it should not be any later than the period AoE 3 encompassed.

I want AoE IV to keep the core gameplay elements of AoE II (balance of economy vs military). Additional features I would like in AoE IV:

*World: have dynamic seasons, weather, day/night; more realistic-looking resources (not just a pile of gold!)

  • Much larger maps; GIANT maps. PCs today are powerful, so utilize the resources! We want to explore!

*More and smarter unit stance/formation options. Allow multiple groups of units to be further grouped into Armies

*Different naval combat. That is one area I feel has always been neglected. Too many ships in AoE I and II but too few in AoE III. A compromise is needed. Maybe more realistic ship maneuvering?

*More unique units and techs for each civ. For instance, every civ would have slightly different types of light/heavy infantry and cavalry


same here basically, thanks for thinking that out


Hello considering the subject of this thread I would like to give some options of features I’d like to see in AoE4. Relic being a major part of the game , and the creators of some of my all time favorite RTS game series, Company of Heroes/ Company of Heroes 2, I would expect to see the fast paced game focused on micro management of forces as opposed to a string emphasis on resource collection.

The subject of the game I believe would be great if they developed a game based off of multiple era’s as opposed to one set era or epoch, like in Rise of nations, of the previous milestone setter, Empire Earth. So that being said, if the game were to feature multiple ages it would be a hit. Example would be let’s combine all the best ages into one game. Say you sat in the classic age ( aoe 1 ), then the next age tech would be the middle ages (aoe2), the next age tech would be the imperial era (aoe 3) , the 4th could be ww2 (COH influence here), and the final being a modern age ( like in rise of nations modern/information age. All which would be streamlined with unique civs and units that evolve with the tech up of each age. To me that would be an epic game for Aoe 4.

Resource gathering in Aoe2 has always been a pleasure so that factor should be accounted for and allow the player to micro manage their civs, but with a barrow ed mechanic from Rise of Nations and tweaked to focus on the micro stratagem of unit, borrowed from COH series, that would be what I would want to see.

Also Relic has made battles so action packed and the level of detail found in the COH series could be a huge favor , combined with a strong emphasis on the macro of resources would be favored by fans of all these legendary RTS games.

Also let’s not forget WarGame, and how the were able to feature jets and helicopters in a RTS game in a really well done way. If the could include a Vietnam style type of RTS with helicopters as troop drops or offensive roles, along with supply management of units and resources that would be epic.

I’m asking for a lot but just some ideas I had . Thanks and feel free to comment. :slight_smile:

Mac OS Version. Get as many possible players in as possible.

Unfortunately that will never happen, it being a Microsoft IP.

the Age system you suggest is something that could work only you could argue the kind of res you would use through the ages would be strange for some ages. That said it doesnt make sense in the coh series but still you can acquire said resource in some way. I think Relic will make a WW2 era focused aoe4 game. i still think that will be the ending and that all the DE versions represent one era. I guess the reason Relic was chosen was because of COH experience.

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My mudda, cuz’ she been so gud to me.

Actually, I’d just like to see a relatively simple AoE 1 + 2, with RIDICULOUS amounts of polish.
The IP is legendary. With proper treatment and marketing, it could be a new Dota 2. Alas, it does not seem so as of now.

lol. no. is a MS game maybe someone can make a port.

I personally would love to see a world conquering mode. I know it would be a little stolen from Rise of Nations, but a similar idea of taking a civ and conquering the world slowly would be a ton of fun. Maybe you could have features like conquering and assimilating aspects of different cultures and using them as you continue (like mercenary unique units from other civs or gaining multiple civ bonuses).


We’ll I guess thinking about it I’m just asking for a Rise of Nations 3 game…in theory if we do follow the structure of Age games it should be set in one era but with noticeable advancement in each period. Like I really am like the idea of the fame being focus around ww1. It could start in the preindustrial era, where say citizens could gather wood, ore, gold, coal and it very basic introduction to say steam powered technologies. Then say in the 3rd tech age( ie from age 2 the castle age), but in this game it could be that noticable technological advancement just starting to enter ww1, and the final age( ie like the imperial age from age 2) and more refined unit base upgrade…like tanks and planes. There has been a lot of people wanting to see the game be set in prehistoric or medieval times or colonial times but it doesn’t make sense to follow that considering the age 2 DE and age 3 DE reboots…if we follow history and looking at powerful empires the timeline just before ww1 and therefore after ww1 would be a great idea for an age game. I feel ww2 is to much of a technological gap between the 2 eras that it wouldn’tmake sense to have it in the game along with ww1 subject matter. But ya a pre-industrial “dark age”, entering a ww1 “castle age” would be epic and fitting. My original idea is to ambitious and better off just being Rise of Nations 3, haha if that ever will be a game.

I played all AOE games and I love them!

But there ist one thing that makes the difference between Strategy and Tactic: It is strategic zoom. The best example is supreme commander 1 & 2. If you zoom out, then at some point the units will get to symbols.
I never need to scroll the window. I allways zoom out and then zoom in on the next point in map.

Please do not increase the need for user interactions per second like starcraft. The player should win because of right decisions an not because he/she can better micro manage.

AOE in medieval Age + Strategic Zoom + increasing in automation towards the end game = BEST AOE ever!!

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I really don’t like that zoom. I hope they stick with the classics. Macro and micro management is needed. If you want to make only decisions, you can try Total War series or keep playing Supreme Commander.

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Yes, and you also end up only using that zoom, that’s not good. Increased automation doesn’t suit AoE (it shouldn’t suit any RTS in my opinion). Aoe is not Supreme Coommander, Ashes of Singularity where you just spam units end game. Attention to minor detail is important even in end game for AoE.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who tried to get me into Ashes of Singularity. I asked him what does it innovate and what would you take from this game and potentialy add to AoE4? He said “the automatic queue for units so they keep training without you having to worry about pressing any more buttons as long as you have the resources”. Haha, that just went to show he doesn’t understand AoE or the point of RTS games.

And note that even if the game is not spam focused, but a real RTS, that zoom feature would still make you using it most of the times in detriment of the actual game, as it happens with Homeworld.


But button mashing on AoE3 treaty is nice to break some keyboards :smile: while doing cuv and cow micro

I would like to see AOE4 move into the World War theatre. This might have been done a few times but not by this series. The modern PC could finally provide a platform to showcase some of the greatest battles of all time. The range of weapons and innovations during the span of pre WWI all the way to the end of WWII would allow for impressive technologies, diverse mechanics, and challenging tactics.
Another element I would like to see brought into the series is a veteran status on units that perform well in combat. I liked the system that Command and Conquer Generals used. The veteran units ranked up and got the ability to auto heal and extra damage/hit points. At some point if certain units stay alive long enough they might even become named Hero’s that reflect real life soldiers in their respective fields. The hero units could convey leadership bonus and/or morale benefits to surrounding units. This might add extra complexity into the game, but it would also give greater depth, meaning, and strategy as well.

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The best thing is that this zoom, is it progressive. You can use it or just disable.
Increased automation is harder to make optional. The question there is, do the most of the players like more the combat part oder economic part of AOE.I would guess the first one.
I is a gess :wink:

But lets have a look on the community. The most of the players are in 40ties and have most probably dueties (family, job …). Two hours for playing in one day is realy seldom. So shorter games fit better to them.