What would you like to see added to AoE2 in the future?

Lithuanians are the only civ without at least a historic battle.
Britons, Chinese, Japanese, Persians, Turks, Vikings, Koreans, Mayans, Spanish, Magyars and Slavs all lack their own civilization centered campaign (though Magyars, Slavs, and Turks are all played throughout the Dracula Campaign, and Spanish split time with the Saracens on the El Cid Campaign). All of these civs at least have a historic battle to their name or are featured in some campaign from P1 perspective but without the campaign focusing only on that civ).

Optimally i would release new campaigns for all those civs, but being more optimistic i would go with

  1. Chinese, Lithuanians, Japanese, and maybe Koreans as 4 civs to give their own campaigns too.

Adding skeletons and ruins to the random map generator. Also, making the cutscene images for the new campaigns actually look like historical sketches, as was had by the original game.


I didn’t either :frowning: At first, I really liked the events and idea of events, but cutesy profile icons and pretzel or flower projectiles only go so far with me… as we’ve discussed here, which I know you’ve joined in the conversation of:

Profile icons alone don’t do a ton for me, personally, no matter the art style… since I don’t play ranked games, or log into XBox Live (due to chat filter). I appreciate more substantive updates/enhancements as incentives. But that becomes a tough one since players who miss out on the challenges due to personal life commitments feel jaded if they miss out on substantive incentives

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  • The old soundtrack
  • The old chat messaging sound instead of doorbell
  • The old taunts

Original audio is already available on the mod center uploaded StepS7578 (audio developer) .

Bantu is about as egregious as umbrella civ as Indoeuropeans.

Preferably add Kongolese, Zimbabweans or any other more distinct group.


I looked and see the mods completely replace music/sounds:

  • “This is the official “Original Music” mod. This mod replaces all the 30 in-game tracks with original versions, as well as adds 6 randomly-picked expansion opening themes”
  • “This is the official “Original Sounds” mod. After downloading, restart the game for it to apply. This will replace all building and unit sounds, as well as UI sounds (notifications, buttons etc.) with the ones used in the original game.”

… this is not what I’m wanting; I don’t want to replace the new sounds/music completely. I just want the old audio added to the game; and then via in-game Options menu, specify if I want to listen exclusively to the old soundtrack, or new soundtrack, or shuffle tracks between them both, etc. as mentioned here back in March – and not have to worry about installing or uninstalling mods. (Can you even install/uninstall them mid-match?) And for sounds, a simple in-game menu toggle for them as well so it’s easy to flip back and forth between old vs. new. “Definitive Editions” on games sometimes do that… – let the player decide if they want to use the old assets, or new, via menus, hotkeys, or buttons (like in the case of Monkey Island where you can switch on-the-fly)

  1. new campaign (maybe for each civilization

ฅ( ̳• ◡ • ̳)ฅ)

  1. anti-cheat only work on multiplayer games(make it a switch/button, ypu have to turn it on when play multiplayer) but not work in single player games, it keep kick me out.
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Main problem I see in adding tamils and georgians is the official campaigns would need to be edited.
A generic bantu would be ok but actual empires/kingdoms would be much better with a new building set.

new skins:

I can think about new pikes for Meso, Spaniards and Chinese
New arbalests for africans and Meso
New Cavalry for Persians

Also the yurtas of mongols instead of houses being permanent.

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My list :slight_smile:
-> 15 new civs

  • Dutch
  • Armenians
  • Poles
  • Sioux
  • Tupis
  • Irouquis
  • Mapuche
  • Tibetans
  • Polynesians
  • Bengals
  • Uyghurs
  • Kongolese
  • Zimbabweans
  • Swahilis
  • Nubians
    More civs = better

-> more technologies, units and real world maps
-> new renaissance age (like in Portuguese mode)

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I think It would take 2 minutes to change the civilization in the scenario editor and replace Elephants Archers with Urumi or another UU.

I like your list, but Sioux are out of the time and exactly: more civs=better game


maybe some replace for Sioux in America’s ?

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  • Campaign DLC with 50-60 new campaigns (a FE developer has released 10+ unofficial amazing campaigns already, include them too)
  • More Challenge Missions
  • Practice civ with no eco bonuses to practice generic build order
  • Unique university techs maybe

Honestly we just need way better MOD/AI support. It’s a shame that the work Scripter did is still better than whatever we have in AOE2DE, which was originally a team of modders.

  • Steppe Lancer for Huns
  • Bonus for scorpions for attack building

No. If you give every civ Steppe Lancers and even Huns, whats the use of them then ? Steppe Lancers for all civs with some steppe identity.

SL for Huns, Magyars, Bulgarians, Turks, Persians, Chinese, Slavs

So we have suddenly almost as much Steppe Lancer civs as camel civs. Makes no sense


Hi everyone!
I think that a great contribution for everyone could be the development of the game statistics. Since it has never changed. The game could introduce new interesting statistics, for example: a heat map.

A heat map where the player can see where on the map they have killed or lost troops. It could be very very interesting. Also, the heat map can be mixed with many variables.

Thanks for continuing to develop the game! :smiley:


Yes, a civ with all generic tech and all generic units (no unique units or tech) and no bonuses.

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I would like to see decaying skeletons come back into AoE2. Currently, AoE2 DE does not have decaying-skeletons bodies from death units…instead there is a “sinking body” animation that does not look appealing.