What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

Teeny tiny little nitpick. Golems are Hebrew Mythology. It absolutely fits Norse dwarfs to build something like that, but not specifically that.

Sounds like Warcraft 3

Indeed maybe that’s why I had the idea but this is also the case for some other games I didn’t say it’s a brand new crazy idea of me or anything lol just said that I had the vision that it would work for some maps (not all) too in AoM and the idea of an automaton factory or a dwarven blacksmith. We don’t know how many ppl and especially developers had this idea. If you don’t like it it’s okay.

But the idea about the relics being in abandoned overgrown temples maybe sometimes guarded could be something new - I personally at least didn’t play a game which had that mechanic.

Edit: deleted previous post cause it wasn`t a direct response to solve potential confusion.

I was thinking about treasure camps too. If you defeat the guardians, you recover a relic that insta-unlock a perma benefit for your civ

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A lot of the things that first appear or are fully realized in AOE3 seem to fit well in mythology. For example the native camps could be folded into the settlement/Town center mechanic to in addition to enabling new troops and techs, alternative gods/myths that either belonged to the main mythologies but did not fit any of the major gods or abridged versions of entire mythologies that would otherwise be redundant with the main civilizations in theming.

For example, a settlement of Amazons could enable access to Hestia and Demeter, fairly major gods in Greece, but not present in game because even with two entire civs devoted to them, the Greeks still are far from running out of gods.

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New Civs!!! I want that hype back!

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In Age of Mythology Extended Edition, enemy units have a tendency to be confused by walls when being attacked from the other side. Can the new enemies in this game be smart enough to attack walls to get to archers and towers behind them? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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offtopic but when do you guys think we will see more?

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more of the development or more of new civs? i think new civs are very likely but i am quite certain after release of retold. about development it depends on how much ressources/manpower is spend on retold, who will do it like ES, CA , relic etc. and what it wants to be (i slightly bigger version of a DE, a very drastic DE with big changes?) so i am obviously and of course no insider, nor do i or any of my family members work for microsoft, but i assume if microsoft decides to put many (well deserved) ressources into this game development and lets say CA will do it i could see some bigger infos dropped around early next year. if it will be a minor project tho with less trust and attention then we also maybe hear something along spring 2023 but way less informations i assume.

but i feel you. i personally can’t wait for the official statement that (in my dreams) they tell us retold will get as much ressources and attention as AoE4 if not more. but what i at least hope for are some statements what they certainly (relative certainly) bring into the game/change the game/stay with and drop some concept arts for myth units (i have so many designs of creatures in my head but i am no designer or artist myself) but also units, heroes, builidngs and map designs.

When the game is ready.

Not soon because they just began.

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  1. I’d like to see more campaigns! Such as visiting Arkantos’s past (as described in his biography), or a campaign of Amanra becoming queen of Nubia between the original campaign and the New Atlantis campaign.
  2. I’d like to see NEW GODS for existing cultures, increasing the count to 4 major and 12 or 15 minor gods for each culture.
  3. I’d like to see West African mythology, rather than some of the more popularly demanded mythologies like Slavic or Aztec,
  4. I’d like to see REAL MYTHOLOGY. Careful when researching mythology, as you can often find misinformation, especially when researching myths from countries where nationalists have tried to invent/reinvent the mythology (looking at you, Slavic pseudo-deities).
  5. I’d like to see a remaster of the original campaign that actually uses the Atlantean civilization, perhaps combined with Greek elements, similar to how in AOE3: The Warchiefs they mix European and Haudenosaunee elements for the Black Family Estate.
  6. I’d like to see Atlantean lore expanded. A lot of unit and tech histories hint at the much larger Atlantean lore, such as mentions of Lemuria, of rebellious colonies, and of the many ways orichalc is used.
  7. I’d like to see the Tales of the Dragon expansion completely redesigned, everything about it sucked, from visuals to storytelling.
  8. I’d like to see a rework of the Titan Age/Titans mechanic similar to how AOE3 revolutions got a massive overhaul in DE.

Megatheriums aren’t cryptids, they’re real animals that went extinct before any of the civs in the game developed.

On adding the Atlanteans to Fall of the Trident, I think the best approach would be to in the first few missions as the Greeks and in the last few missions upon returning to Atlantis to use the Atlantean architecture set when possible but use Greek units for the most part aside from a few cameos so as to show that the Atlanteans still think of themselves and fight as Greek at that time, even if they have diverged in some respects.


So the megatherium as such is not, but the South American Mapinguari is a cryptid, and it is allegedly a megatherium.

Thinking on the chinese, if I were to redo it from scratch, I would set the campaign in the iconic three kingdoms period. Plenty of plot hooks to reinterpret, especially if whatever is happening in the two main campaigns also alters the flow of history in china.

Dream come true to get a proper update to AoM. Really loved EE, but the fractured community has made things rough. Going to list out some of my wish lists here:

  1. Invest in a quick and easy way to make balance changes for across the board. I’d like this game to last for another 20 years, and eventually it may fall on the community to keep it going. I’d love to safeguard the future of this game/community.

  2. Fix the obvious bits as mentioned: attack move, pathing, bugs, ETC.

  3. Revisit the balance of the minor gods. Civs/Major gods get tweaked a lot, but we’ve still never really reached a point where most minor God decisions are anywhere close to 50/50. The biggest thing we can do for variety of games long term is making these really interesting decisions across the board.

  4. Keep settlements, keep auto-queue, keep free myth units on age up, keep starting with towers, ETC. These are all great mechanics.

  5. Agree with the calls revisit almost all of China.

  6. Agree with varying how favor is gathered amongst the civs. Atty/China are very boring, let Eggy keep the monuments, have the others generate favor in another way. Via Trade? Via deaths? Via kills by heros? Via mediating monks that generate favor while idle, but can also fight. By converting units? I mean, so many options. Even by gathering relics even. Hell – even add sacred sites that to capture that only apply to one civ. Chopping trees? Upgrades? Sacrifices? Lots of easy opportunities here.

  7. Would love to see more heroes introduced across the civs. Hero options for the greeks is easy. Economic heroes? Healing heroes? General like heroes that buff armies. Plenty to draw from the source material.

  8. Take a page out of AoE4 on water. Make three ship types available in age 2. Introduce more water myth units/heroes for most civs. Also, reduce the economic impact of water so losing water isn’t instant game over.

  9. One of my favorite aspects of AoM was the ability to effect change on the map with God Powers. Forest fire, healing spring, extra gold mine, ETC. More of this! God powers or mechanics that alter the map are really interesting.

  10. Agree with adjusting pop limits on units. I know it’s key for balance, and will take some time, but less 4 pop type units, most military should be 1, 2, MAX 3 for very powerful myth units.


  1. Consider starting with temple (maybe too big for greek?), a house, and a few extra villagers (3 standard, or 1 extra atty). Doesn’t really change anything, but speeds up the start of the game which isn’t full of very interesting decisions for the most part.

  2. Lean into making interesting decisions when it comes to up-leveling units. Choose Heavy, or Fast. Mass or Tank, ETC. Would be cool to be able to adjust upgrades situationally. You could argue “armor” sort of does this, but you can get all upgrades. Maybe if some were exclusionary, and or there were more options than just the standard hack/pierce ETC.

  3. I’ve always wished there were more “catch up” mechanics. I don’t want this to be OP, and I’m not entirely sure how to balance. Perhaps, small things like additional techs to make your villagers more durable become available the more deaths you suffer. Or a settlement is cheaper if you don’t have one active. Or something like pierce amor upgrades unlock regardless of age depending on if you’ve had too many people die to arrows.

  4. Make mercenaries more universal for all civs. Or limit their their range to be within the scope of the town center.

Really, just happy to be here and to see this happening. If there are ways I can financially support this game early (happy to pre-order whatever mega version you can think of), or can somehow contribute in other ways, please let me/us know. I’m an engineer by trade, and really would love to see this game be something to play for another 20 years.


At that time, China had long been out of mythology, but in the AoE1 timeline.
Introducing Three Kingdoms in AoM would be a serious mistake.


What do you mean by that? Age of mythology is Achronistic as heck. The Norse come straight out of the early middle ages, while the Greek classical period and the Egyptians as depicted lived millennia apart.


It’s anachronistic but it’s not based on true history, every faction is depicted in its “mythic past” state. Using true Chinese history instead of “mythic past” history doesn’t fit.

For example, the Norse are depicted as Wagnerian barbarian tribes struggling to survive in a frozen land full of trolls and giants, and constantly at war with each other.


Chinese is somewhat depicted with some very late folklore gods (the latest one as late as Ming) and as late as Song dynasty technology (fire lance).
China has “ancient myth” with a system. Maybe not so systematically documented as Greeks or Norse who have a lot of literatures and plays, but still quite systematic.
My ideal Chinese civ in AOM would be a civ with Spring and Autumn period technology and earlier myths from the Shanhaijjng:

Cmon you can do better than the current one.
Does not have to be perfectly accurate (other civs are quite messy as well) but at least more consistant.

I think that is because Nordic “prehistory” lasts much longer (thousands of years apart) than Egyptians and Greeks, all the way into early middle ages.

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