What would you like to see in Myth Retold?

I don’t think its a good to thing to get rid of them, because if your enemy (don’t matter its a human or AI) is gathering map control, that implies a morale effect against you and controlling a significant and strategic part of the map means MUCH to a match…

The AoM physics system is not that developed, since it doesn’t have Havok like AoE 3, but the engine does support it…so anything can be…

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Personally open to many things as long as the civs with multiple gods, myth units, god powers stay with some unique myth themed units and maybe at best also landscapes.

Personally I am open for flexible towncenters as long as you can’t built them directly near each other (a fix distance) and not too many (a fix cap) as far as I remember RTS games with no system like current AoM regarding towncenters has have a limit of bases (you destroy enemy base completely most of the time).

About favour and how to gain it I am personally relative open too.

I personally just want Total War Troy in RTS with more civs, more myth units controle, more impactful godpowers but in general with the unit style and building style of old AoM.
But TW Troy looks really good in general aswell as the myth units and the landscapes/background is beautiful - would love to see AoM retold get inspired by it a bit ^^

TW Troy it a game too modern xd…

Yep map control is important but the TC settlement limit is a downgrade from other titles

Man, the TC limit forces the player to think even more carefully where and when to place it. Hence, thats a very interesting mechanic which demand more accurate strategies. Personaly, i like this TC limit! What retold could do, imo, is to increase the standard population limit that the tc suports.


Not a downgrade, it was a product with its time, the 1st to use more than 1 population for unit type

AoE 3 has limits of TC and also limit of area and of towers and forts…

hey, id suggest just simply writing a forum thread if you feel you have something to say :slight_smile: that way the devs can see it easily and its a little more easy to organize than discord is.

I would go for free locations of TC, dont care about limit (I play AoE3 where there is one). To keep supremacy games I would become their sites into temples to get a boost on favour, population or faster power reload.

could be there different kind of them like in AoE3 natives settlements

Of course, it could be… it wouldn’t be bad either

A veterancy system would be cool to, maybe that changes the game to much tho… so maybe for Aom 2 then🤔

How would that work?

As in Red Alert 2, CoH and AoE3DE, the more units your units kill, the stronger they become and the better aim and damage they do…


Yes like that👌 i think Age of mythology is perfect for that

Hydras already did that in AoM, could be expanded to more units, especially heroes.

I like the AoE3DE system because it’s not the same for all units.
Every unit that has veteranny has a different version of it.
Some get more damage, HP, armour, range, rate or fire, line of sight, movement speed etc. but not all of them at once.
Also limited to 3 levels.

For mythological units you might want more levels since they likely going to kill more units.


I’m a fan of hotkeys, so I’d give the game a try if it mimics aoe4’s hotkeys, just like coh3 did.

Sure, that can work too…

Play it without problems, it is a masterpiece…

tower defences type , like anti myth anti land , anti air , and anti siege

troops can walk on the walls too

new air units as myth game u should have more

stealth units that are hidden and moving

on higher ages a new recources will open for player , idk what recourses can fit but it will make more path of playing for players

path of playing like ,
1 player decide to play defencive he will get cheaper wall or stronger , more tower limit , better anti siege ######

offencive like stronger siege units or they are cheaper in pop limit , train faster and …

suportive like repair and build so much faster , repair for allys too , or rebuild the destroyed buildings for allys cheaper , he can build trial units like the egyptions to protect allys

as a new faction if you want to add , i suggest persian they have nice mythic historycal story and as a hero They have Rostam

and 1 more thing idk how it will become and that is Hero Ability that you can cast manualy and they have Skill Shots , dont make it very op just like a 1v1 hero fight that who use it better he will win with small diffrence

Just make a believable game befitting a mythological REAL world.
PLEASE no more progressive agenda and militancy to change historical figures.
No black Achilles, no black Heimdallr, no blond Thor…
Respect the beliefs of our ancestors and portray them as personifications of their own cultures.

If you are not going to REMOVE the Chinese civilization, then I would like to see the inclusion of other civilizations like: Japanese and Hindu. But I prefer to see only Greeks (and Atlantis), Egyptians and Nordics.

The audience that is targeted for this release is an adult audience.
Please make a game for adults who like history.

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