What's about?

OMG Guys i’m so excited to play AoE:DE since i was a kid I play this game and i never forget it, brings me so many memories, I just registered in the beta i wish they send me the confirmation. So, back to the thread. what’s about the game? if you are playing the closed beta i would like to be told what’s new in this game (Without counting the amazing graphics of course)
Thank you and excuse my English I am latino but I think I talk very good xD

I’m not sure what you’re asking about. Are you asking about new features and improvements? There are new voice overs, improved sounds, HD resolution, new sprites, animations, etc. I guess the netcode has been updated too, and the balancing mechanics too (Using the UHD patch).

Some new AI? Maybe? I hope so. This game is really awesome and brings me good memories too, childhood feelings.