What's more important?

In my true opinion there are three general things that ought to be addressed for AOE3DE. I just wanted to kno

  • Fixing the last two Native American Civs (Just as Inca and Aztec were fixed relatively recently)
  • Overhalling Asians civs and in particular the export/consulate system
  • Updating old civs particularly European civs so they don’t get power-creeped by newer civs

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It is not the most important thing at this moment imo.

But if I had to choose between the 3 things, it would be the Natives. The Asians and the rest of the Europeans are very well, for something in multiplayer everyone plays with the same civilizations as always, you see very little of a Lakota or a Haudenosaunee. I even see few Azzys and few Incas.


I see lakota alot at my level. Very rarely see the Haud.

Personally the consulate system is one of my favorite things about the Asian civs. Not sure what you mean by overhauling it. The only change I would like is maybe some DE civs as consulate options. I think it is hard to make a balanced consulate option from scratch though.

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Overhauling Europeans would be nice, but not in the gameplay sense really. Theyre not being powercrept and are performing as well as ever really. Any overhauls would be thematic and should leave their gameplay largely untouched.
It seems like a given the next two civs that would receive attention would be Lakota and the Haudenosee seeing as the last two that where reworked were the Aztec and Inca.
After that I think they’ll move on to the Asian civs (with perhaps a new Asian civ to kick it off). I don’t think the Asian civs have had any large changes in a long time.


asian civs really dont need any changes, they are good and unique as they are.

european civs honestly IMO are balanced enough, if there are any faults with the new civs its that they too often get “this, but better”.


In my opinion European and Asian civs are in a great spot currently. Maybe there are little adjustment needed (a nerf for British?) but generally if someting works fine - we should not change it.
New DLC civs were too strong and they were nerfed. That’s ok. We should not adjust old civ to new ones. New ones should adjust to the old ones (we are speaking about civ power of course).

Reworking European or Asian civs would be a waste of time for developers. There are so much more QoL features needed in the game. It would be just supid to waste devs time for this.

Regarding Lakota and Haudenausonne - I don’t know them well so hard for me to tell. However I’m very happy about Aztec changes. Maybe Lakota also needs a little rework, on my level I’m almost never facing Lakota players.


Can’t stress this enough!


Europeans and to an extension, Haudenosaunee and Lakota.

Since the Europeans were often the colonisers, why not allow them access to Imperial Age cards? A smaller, more limited pool if necessary.

As for the natives, no real idea, maybe more trickle-based cards or upgrades or … something?

Just a thought.

i dont see the appeal of adding age 5 cards to the game.

as is the European factions are well liked and played, which suggest the factions dont need an overhaul besides minor balance changes.

sure we can argue to deaths end if germans need a change yada yada yada but by the end of the day mechanically european factions a liked and the ones we have should change, it be a different matter if they added more tomorrow.

Actually Asian Civs were broken and unbalanced from the start…We’ve just gotten used to it. By unbalanced I don’t mean overpowered or underpowered as a whole it’s just that certain aspects of them are lacking but overcompensated in other areas.

The consulate is supposed to be there to fill in holes and it does to an extent. But it’s not really fair, it’s sort of…random. You just get export as a by-product of resource gathering, you can’t put effort into export like coin, wood, food or even influence.

That being said, while Asian Civs are broken, I don’t think it’s the first thing that needs to fixed


i do have to disagree, i think the consulate behaves exactly like it needs to. Japan is broken by design, not unbalanced but its definitely pushing the limits of map control, unit scaling, things like that. I think china is generally a well designed civ, with perhaps a bit of a skewed roster (reverse aztec almost, too much anti infantry, not enough anticavalry). there’s a few arguable complaints about banner armies being bad design but idk its not generally a civ most people complain about. India is fine its in a good spot generally, very few complaints at both high and low level about its performance in supremacy which is a great sign the civ isn’t broken regardless of skill levels.

I think the haudenosaunee need some love, they’re not in a great spot right now. the mining thing needs a look and i dare say they need some cards shifted around or simplified (4 infantry upgrade cards - or like 5 or 6 if you include the los one, 2 cavalry cards + new ways, 4 artillery cards) its a bit much. its nearly impossible to make a good lategame team supremacy deck for them. i think lakota is kinda whatever right now. its always been cheesy so im not even sure what not-cheesy lakota could even look like


i doubt Lakota will ever be “not-cheesy”, as the whole shtick of the civ is raiding vills early, and taking fights where you want it, when you want it. It’s part of the charm.

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that is strange to think about considering Inca was busted less then a month ago, Haud was also very good for a while such that it deserved a nerf.

Lakota however is meme 80% of the time. Maybe time to bring back EP Teepees