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@SqualidRhombus6 said:
Very disappointed with this remake for two reasons. Like a lot of people I like to play defensively on hard levels. Lot’s of walls and strong holds. Without the ability to make gates this is just too frustrating to play. And why can’t you exchange resources at the market? If you run out of any natural resource; game over. Not realistic. I’m pulling out my old CD’s and installing the original game on an old PC I have. Much better game play. When will they learn it’s not about the graphics…it’s all about the game play experience which for some reason they chose to really screw up.

That’s your mistake thinking this game is realistic, this old vintage remaster


Sorry if this is not the discussion for this, but does anyone know how to turn off that annoying voice that speaks every time you either hover over an active item or object in the game and menus. I just got the game and I have not been able to make it past the options and first seconds of the game.


…yet you cant group specific units in a custom hotkey…i would think this to be such an obvious ability…???


Sorry i see now its a little late but , in the option there is a 3 flag in a row, one is the hint on the unit and building and one of the 3 is the voice that read all for u … so bad :slight_smile:


Never played AoE II, I. i only and still play AoE III Asian dynasties.