What's new in this edition other than the graphic?

Any idea about the “NEW” content in this edition? If there isn’t any, then I’ll wait until Microsoft release the 4K version of the Windows 95.

Would install it just for 4K solitaire

See https://forums.ageofempires.com/discussion/365/what-we-know/p1

New campaign voice over for one thing, remastered sound (including music), and some campaign missions have been changed, and the encyclopedia updated for accuracy. Unfortunately, minor things that were great in the original are also missing–catapults no longer look quite as chunky, and their hits don’t land with that palpable crash from the original, and fire looks…clearly animated as opposed to the original Age fire which looked more realistic.

Idle villager
Rally points
Pop max default in the GUI.

New sounds.

Intelligent villagers and attack button, game is worth it just for this.

New AI, voice acting, music, graphics, resolution…there’s really a ton. Balance has also been fixed, I’m assuming MP changes…Andy’s link is really the best collection of information we’ve got.

It’s a remake, not a completely new game. You can’t expect a huge expansion straight up! They might surprise us, who knows :slight_smile: imo it doesn’t “need” a ton of new content, given the other work done to make it look good / work smoothly in this day and age.

If they allow some kind of hub for mods and content, then we will see some nice campaigns, and you may even get new civs/units. That’s if they aren’t planning on making their own expansion later.