What's the future of the DE's in your opinion?

I’m personally hoping for more civs for all of them. I’d buy them.

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After these DEs and AOE4 we need AOM DE (clearly deserved).
And the maybe giving DLCs for all.


i have an idea of a new datadisc for AOE 2 DE called " the Renaissance " , including campaign dedicated to hussites… could be a great story containing jan hus, jan žižka, crusaders, raids outside of bohemia etc…, and featuring new civ “bohemians” with emphasis for late economy and defense, having free heresy as a civ bonus, war wagons for trading with special ability to make an instant walling, 2nd unique unit - infantry with bonus against buildings and generating gold when attacking buildings, like keshik on units and this infantry being able to work as a villager , but with significantly worse efficiency, cup as a civ emblem…what do u thing?

I can only speak for AoE 2 DE: More civs is just very bad, and I m pretty sure that way more than 90% of people who play(ed) the game a lot totall agree on that.
Adding 4 new civs with DE was already very critical.

MP wants different things than SP. I personally find new civs way more exciting than small changes on a map script which I barely play anyway, but everybody has her/his own opinion on this regard.

You can’t deny that an important if not major aspect this game is still played nowadays is how it got expanded over the years and refined.

I see no reason to stop right now, especially what an excellent year it was for AOE2:DE.

BTW I made a strawpoll some time ago in this forum and on the official AOE Discord server where roughly 150 people answered and it was more like 66-33 in favour of new civs.

You might not like but a considerable amount if not majority would like to see new civs.


Well, then I have to be honest. I dont know the knowledge of people that you made a poll with.

At least 90% of the suggestions I read in this forum is either useless or destroys the balance of the game. Some people want Battle Elefants for Indians, give Chinese gunpowder and buff civs with completely broken things. Exactly thats why I add the part of my comment with “people who played this game a lot”, meaning have deep knowledge about all the mechanics.

You can also make a poll if people want taxes or not, you easily get a majority that votes for not. Or free beer, whatever. The question is if you ask people who know what they are doing or if they just raise their hands for everything that appears good to them. I can just advise you, go to pro channels or people who ve been playing this for years with 1.000th of hours and ask them such a question, you will get completely other results.

Do I personally like more civs? Of course, they give diversity and make fun. Do more civs fit to the overall game balance? No!

You do realize that I’m one of those who played this game for more than 1k7 hours over 15 years.
I’m definitely not ignorant about build orders and meta builds like Turks Fast Imp on Arena etc

I might not be interested in the competitive aspect aside of the occasional tourney I watch, but I won’t be the guy who suggests to give all technologies the Chinese ever had to the Chinese civ ingame for historical reasons.

To be honest, I don’t like those balance discussions much. They’re usually too random and want to change too many things at the same time, though sometimes they’re useful to at least recognize problems like Ports on Land etc.

I personally just want every civ to be fun to play as and to be strong at least in one setting on one map and not be outshined by other civs.

We had 18 imbalanced civs for years and right now we have 35 whose balance are better than ever before. It just takes time and some dev ressources, nothing else.


I think the team already stated that there would be no more factions for AoE2 DE anyway? Which as far as I regret some civs still missing in the game I’m currently okay with. It would be nice however to have a few additional technologies I guess. AoE1 DE on the other hand definitely would benefit from more civs, but most of all this game needs gates.

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It’s unlikely they add new civs they said but not impossible. I think there’s definitely still room for some more, especially outside of Eurasia.

I think the DE series isn’t now over apart from possably AOM this isn ot the end of AOE by any strech I could see a future of at least 3 new games pssablet even a spin off AOE:The holy land (think the Crusades) thtas what I see.

We fans from AoE1 need so much more support in all directions. But everybody knows it’s wouldn’t be happend. :cry:

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