What's the latest news/updates on progress for aoe3 DE?

Hi there,
I’ve been playing a lot of aoe3 again recently (due to quarantine) and I’m really looking forward to the DE. I’ve been searching for some progress report or something since the last Beta program. Any1 who’s up to date or know where the game is in its development state?


Hi @AwayMender4208, Unfortunately there hasn’t been any public announcements about Age of Empires III: DE since the last beta ended in April. I would recommend actively checking the email account associated with your insider profile and all of the Age of Empires social media channels for information as it becomes available.

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I would expect to see something on Xbox Game Studios event in July. It will definitely be focused on the new Xbox Series X, but I think we will also get to know something more about the PC games development of the studios.

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Alright, let’s hope we get some trailer or In-game footage then!

Like I said in another topic, I would not expect to hear news unless the community team has said to watch for it. So far there has been no indication that info will be revealed this summer.

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We finally got our update :slight_smile:! October 15th!