What's the minimum PC spec for maximum effect on 4k/60FPS

I am not very happy for the performance optimization for the AOE3DE.
Even On GTX1060 , I can not get 60FPS on 2K.
If looking at the GPU usage in task manage it’s about 67% on 4k.

It would be ok to play on FHD , but it is far blurry than 4k.
And This OLD game does not support NVdia DLSS or AMD FSR or EVEN dose not support freesync.
And Have a long time that we doesn’t see any perfomance improvement.

BE able to play 4k AOE3DE , I start to think about buy a new PC.

Does anyone know what is the minimum PC hardware for playing AOE3DE on 4k with vsync and maximum settings.

And if developers see this thread, please let us know are there any room for the performance turing.
And Any chance for you guys to refresh the engine to D3D12 or something inorder to support DLSS or something to imporeve the Graphic and Performance.

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